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XLN Telecom

Avoid or regret!

Read the contract carefully! XLN charge £299+vat to leave them!!

You must migrate away from them exactly 42 days before the end of a contract or it will renew for another 2 years with the same condition - thus it is virtually impossible in practice for any company with 11+ employees to not pay the fee. Ofcom forbid such charges to be levied on companies with 10 or fewer employees, but read the other reviews here...

It is not necessary to charge a £299+vat leaving fee unless you migrate away on one particular date once every two years - other companies make no charge. You get a small amount off line rental but pay a much bigger amount at the end. You see their business model now?

The sign-up is done over the phone. The sales agent did not tell me that their contract has these terms. The first I saw that is when the contact arrived, together with the claim at the top that you have "Agreed by telephone".

Neither did they tell me that I could cancel without any penalty before the switchover occurs. Ofcom rules ("general condition 24") insist they tell me and they have breached their license by not doing so -- a report to Ofcom is in the works.

Note that you can ask the losing provider (probably BT) to cancel a transfer. You should do this even if XLN have confirmed the cancellation with you, just to be sure.

We've signed up with [external reference] instead. They charge a bit more per month but have no silly contract terms and have a long positive reputation.

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Trustworthy and reliable

A good range of keenly-priced products shipped direct from distributors. My orders have arrived on time.

I once needed to return an item that was ordered in error (a slightly different model to the one needed). More Computers handled the return very well indeed - I got straight through to someone who could (and did) help - no waiting on hold, no broken promises. It cost them a bit to handle the return but they have my trust and future business.

CCS Leeds Ltd

Just right.

I had Be broadband but Sky took over the company. Sky are cheaper because they overload their connections and have crap customer service.

CCS charge about the right amount - not too much - for good quality broadband that runs fast at all times of day. I appreciate being able to call them and get straight through to someone who knows their stuff, who will take ownership of any problem and deal with it. If anything goes wrong with the connection then I know I'm much better off with CCS than having wait on hold for a Sky call centre drone to type something into a computer.

CCS have got their offer just right. They charge enough to run a good network with good staff, without overloading or losing quality.

I thought CCS' own website was rubbish - you can tell they don't do Sky's marketing spend! - but I found their blog with lots of interesting things that made me confident about migrating to them. Glad I did.

Scan Computers

Over a decade of smooth service

They deliver when they say. They answer the phone. They've handled a couple of returns without quibble. They hold stock - they don't just drop ship! They are a real company with real stock.

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Great product, great company

I am so glad I ditched Sage and started using Business Accountz instead! The product is miles better to use and they have good, fast support without silly fees.

Ahead It

Good stockholding, efficient service

... that's why I use them in preference to UK-based Supermicro suppliers.

I know this is their first review on TrustPilot, but credit where it's due!


Sooooo much better than tyreleader

They have UK stock! They answer the phone! The right items arrived 2 days after ordering!

This is so much better than tyreleader who ship from Germany, have no phone contact, take days to reply to a support ticket and haven't fixed the problem after 25 days of waiting.

Go TyreMen!


Good drop shipper

Pricing is quite keen and every order has arrived quickly. They drop ship from distributors and i think they import the distributors' catalogues. Sometimes the same item is listed several times at different prices and the descriptions/photos on the website are often quite weak. Take care to order the right items.


Sometimes they have keen pricing and sometimes they deliver. However I've had a couple of orders that just got stuck on "processing" with the stock never actually being delivered, eventually having to get them to refund. In one case they'd accepted the order at a certain price and were later selling the stock at a higher price - they did not honour the order. I get faster and better service from other IT suppliers.

20 January 2014

Reply from Ebuyer (UK) Ltd.

Hi Marvin28,

I am very sorry for the problems you have experienced when ordering with us.

If you can send me one of your order numbers then I can look into these issues for you. My email address is

I hope to hear from you soon so I can get these issues issues resolved and hopefully restore your faith back in Ebuyer.

Kind Regards,


More Computers

Great company

Like many they drop ship direct from distributors. Unlike many, they get it right!

Prices are keen and delivery fast. The one time I had a problem - accidentally ordered the wrong item - they handled the return quickly with no hassle, refunding the payment straight away.

And you can get through to them by phone and talk to some genuinely helpful staff!

They are a breath of fresh air after trying to deal with eBuyer's customer service in the past.


Hopeless service

I need to return some tyres because the wrong size was ordered in error. Their returns policy and the Distance Selling Act allow for this. Their customer service is hopeless. It is 25 days since they agreed to arrange the collection. When prodded they eventually reply to say they are "trying to organise the collection, please hold on" yet nothing.

It doesn't take 25 days to organise a courier pickup - it takes minutes.

I'm now faced with having to do a credit card chargeback to shake them into action.


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