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No communication, no delivery

My mattress from We Do was supposed to have been delivered from XDP last Thursday before 12pm as I had paid £20 extra to make it so. I have so far had 3 delivery dates and no delivery, and no explanation as to why not until I chase We Do. Allegedly XDP had a flood in the New Year and this has caused a backlog. The worst thing about this is that they are not communicating this. They are merely promising a service which they cannot deliver. This is deceptive and will ultimately cost them more business than it will save. A logistical problem is one thing, but you are mistreating all of your customers with your lies XDP, and should not be rewarded with further business. I still do not have my mattress. It was allegedly delivered after 6pm last night to my delivery address which is my work. This is later than they should deliver and surprisingly no one was there to receive it. I am not even sure whether to believe that this even happened. ZDBBLK000051 for anyone who wants to look into this/pretend to look into this. It is not the delay as much as the contempt with which all of your customers are being treated with, XDP. Would rate 0 stars if possible.

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16 January 2014

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Hello Travis,I have tried calling and left a voicemail, they put a night shift on last night to clear the depot and get upto date, your mattress was located, because of the shipment log I am not sure if you want it out today?
Regards Jennifer

Hello Travis, I do apologise for the way your delivery has turned out. Your supplier has also been chasing to get this resolved, I have passed it onto the regional manager to look into and get resolved as a matter of urgency.
Travis all reviews are investigated and logged against the relevant depot.

I am sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.
Regards Jennifer

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