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Poor, poor service

Ordered a TV online and was told the delivery would be between 11.15am and 2.30pm during the week, so I had to take an afternoon off work to make sure I was in the house to accept the delivery.

I arrived at home just after 11.15. As soon as I got home I got a call from my partner saying that the delivery man had been and gone. It had come to our attention that the delivery man had tried to drop off our item outside the agreed time forcing us to arrange a new delivery date a week later! This is extremely frustrating as I had to take the entire afternoon of work for someone else's incompetence.

We decided to cancel the product and ask for our refund which was over £400. They said we would be refunded within 3 - 5 working days, but after a week of nothing, we decided to call again. Apparently the refund request hadn't gone through, so we had to request it again, waiting another 4 days until we got our money back.


Worst customer service I have ever encountered

Firstly, my home hub kept dropping connection, so I had to call to get a replacement. You'd think this would be a straight forward task, but after much deliberation with customer services, they finally gave in and accepted that it was indeed a fault with the home home a week later.

I got a new one, but then my BT vision stopped working. Again I had to jump through hoops to get this resolved...but it never did.

To add insult to injury, I moved into a new home with my partner who is also a BT customer. You'd think it would be easy to merge our accounts. Nope. They charged me £100+ to cancel. Thanks BT.

But wait, there's more. When I did move in with my partner, we wanted to get set up with our existing services for our new home. This was the final straw. After agreeing to an installation date, BT phoned us and cancelled, rearranging a date for a week later! They also charged us £58 for a month without any service which we tried to get refunded.

After calling customer services and being on hold for a total of 2 hours, I finally got through to the right people and by this stage I was happy to cancel our account all together.

It's an absolute joke and should be criminal. Goodbye BT. Hello Sky.

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Good Food and Promotions

I always get the full platter with 4 sides with my partner which is great to share. Fast service and consistant quality. Just wish people would be quicker while ordering their food!


Great Products for Gifts

Great site for finding offers on lip balms and nail polishes which is helpful for when buying gifts. Extensive range on colours and fast delivery with easy to use website. Could be a site I use regularly...


Informative website

If I ever have a query about a movie I always find myself on IMDB. This site has all the info I need from the actors names to the movies score. Great for an avid movie goer like me.


Friendly & fast service

Called up FloridaTix to get various theme park tickets for the family trip to Orlando this summer. Very friendly service and all the tickets arrived within 48 hours. We're very excited to go and chuffed with the service. Will definately recommend or use again if we decide to go back to Orlando.


It was OK

Just as I expected, nothing too fancy but not too bad either. Did the job and for a a cheap flight and I had a great holiday.

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