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Where's the other half!

Consignment number: ZFBCGN023856
I ordered a bed from Amazon just after the New Year. I've always been really impressed with the service and delivery from all the companies and so had no reason to suspect anything else. My delivery was dispatched and the email informed me of the delivery window (last Saturday to Wednesday.) so far so good. I waited in all day sat but nothing arrived. I did as the company suggests on their website and emailed the Nottingham depot to ask if they could let me know a bit more info. There was no word from xdp and so checked my tracking again and it hadn't changed from 'at delivery depot'. I arrived home on Monday to find one half of my bed had arrived and had been left in my front garden, which is fine but there was nothing to say the rest had been left and nicked/still to be delivered or on its way. I again tried to contact the company with no success. I spoke to Sue from customer services on Tuesday who was both very polite and helpful (she gets my 2 stars) and she contacts the local depot who assures her the second parcel is on for delivery Wednesday. It's Thursday night now and there's still nothing.
I have once again spoken to Sue who spoke to someone at the Nottingham depot who can't seem to find my order in their warehouse. She explains that the person from Nottingham will call me back to let me know what is happening. I'm still waiting and now even customer services are closed so can't do anything again for another day. I would be so much happier if someone could just call and explain the hold up or I could call them and speak directly to someone myself. It's so frustrating that I've spoken to someone at customer services who's obviously trying to do a good job and help but that they aren't the people who are dealing with the deliveries. Please help!

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