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My 1st 18month

My 18 months with Vodafone were excellent bar the issue with not putting insurance on my phone which was resolved within a couple of calls to them and receiving a call or 2 back to resolve the matter; however my next 18 months have been littered with dissatisfaction and stress. The customer service has absolutely terrible, I think I have made about 10 calls to them, each lasting more than 10 minutes at a time and only ever recieved 2 call backs after being told each time I would get a call of a manager and on top of the calls about 60 e-mails have been sent and the only responses I seem to get are generic 'We're sorry' e-mails, this all started when they gave me incorrect information over the phone which resulted in them not taking payment from my account and charging me a fee, not all I asked was for them to pay half the fee and i'll pay the other half....that was 4 months ago :( very unhappy and stressed out!!!! For a communications company with hundreds of staff, I'm sure there is at least 1 person that I corresponded with that could have helped me out!!!! Not happy in the slightest!!!


Fantastic Parasol

Having just moved into a new property which actually had a garden I could sit in and enjoy, I went looking for some garden furniture, now I'm not internet minded or tech savvy but I did a search for some garden furniture and came across alfresia and after reading some of the reviews I was in 2 minds as to whether or not or should purchase anything so I decided to give them a ring, couldn't get through (not a great start I thought!!!) but a hour or so later a young lady rang me back and apologised for the delay, not a problem I thought..so I explained that I wanted a parasol and she advised on the 2.7 wooden one as well as a nice base to go with it, so I ordered over the phone and was told a couple of working days, arrived 3 days after I placed the order but then again it was late afternoon so that I don't mind and I was e-mailed with a tracking number so that was ok, very happy with my purchase, excellent value for money, customer service was great and very eager to help me out, I think my next purchase will have to the heater for the parasol and probably a new table and I know I can count on them to provide me an excellent service.

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David Westgarth
Male, 1980
Manhcester, United Kingdom


A normal 9-5 working bloke, work in administration in the city centre for a security company and live just outside of the city near Gorton.