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Eon Energy

they deserve less than zero!

if you're a sado masochist,and enjoy endless grief,culminating in stress related illnesses,sign up with Eon immediately!
their customer service makes Nazi war criminals seem like very misunderstood individuals - yes,they really are that apalling!
I worked in customer service for 13 years and I doubt anyone will be this bad.
when it comes to being evil,they'd give the Devil a good run for his money!
utter vermin!

Eon Uk

A-V-O-I-D!!!!!!!!!! if I could award zero stars,I would,b

If you value your sanity,you will avoid this company like the plague -
there aren't enough negative adjectives in the dictionary to adequately describe them!
they are morally bankrupt,and if lists their customer (dis)service as being the best,it' makes you wonder how atrocious the other companies are!
Eon have nothing but contempt for their customers,and will cause you nothing but grief!
They make the Kray Twins seem like 'pillars of society'
You're better off sitti

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