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Inx Gaming

Absolutely appalling customer service

My history with INX has been, awful, to say in the nicest possible way. The customer support has been extremely unhelpful and contrary to whatever is advertised on the website, the average response time for a support ticket is around about 48-72 hours. After this delay, the usual response is "We will look into this next week". This kind of service is laughable. Regardless of whether you feel a weekend is not a very long time to be out of a server, the simple fact remains that as a paying customer this is irrelevant and if there is a problem from INX's end this should warrent that they work out of hours to provide the service which they have promised.

Although I am aware that with any hosting related service, there will be inevitable downtime, this starts to take the piss when in the last 10 months of being with INX we have had 29 days of server downtime...
That is nearly a whole month of paid hosting.

On Friday 17th June 2011, Steam came out with an update which corrupted the most up to date version of sourcemod. The developers of sourcemod addressed this problem by releasing a fix not 3 hours after the update. It took INX over a week to update their servers and therefore unless a user manually goes into their core game files and edits the server themselves, then they will not be able to use it. What makes INX even more laughable is that a customer had to make a forum post explaining how to fix this as INX were obviously incapable of doing this themselves. Simon Gunton (who seems to be the only technical support staff member) replied "We will address this next week". This hardly seems like the attitude of a company that puts the service and well being of their customers first.

On top of their terrible customer service, the gameservers play as if they're being run out someone's bedroom. Very high lag (To the point where INX have admitted this and moved our server twice). The servers will crash at least once a day. (Both of which have been mentioned in numerous technical support tickets, with a response of "Everything should be running fine".) The control panel is slow and unresponsive and attempting to restart the server in HLSW will crash it.

On a side note, If you like your personal information stored carelessy, then this is the company for you. As a professional Web developer and cryptographer, I can safely say that INX's security practices are extremely poor, almost to the extent that I would be pretty sure they would not pass a PCI compliance and Data Protection Act screening. They have no Secure Sockets Layer encrytion when logging into your account and I have had messages from my bank account telling me that they have tried to access my funds BEFORE the day the server money is due and after I have specifically requested not to pay via recurring billing.

Terrible Service & Support.

Sort it out INX. A successful business builds itself on trust and respect. I will make sure this review is posted everywhere gameserver relevant and that you are exposed for what you are.

I would urge anybody to steer clear of this company if they do not wish to be ripped off.


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