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I am very disappointed with the level of service with this company. I recently ordered some replacement ink for my printer from HP. The package arrived when I was home but I could not go out immediately. I ran out as fast as I could to meet the Purolator delivery person, by the time I got out here was gone! it wasn't event a minute. So I get a call from him later on in the day but I could not take the call immediately. I call him back a few hours later and no one picks up! I try calling again the next couple of days and to my surprise no response! So a week later, I go the the pick up center in downtown Vancouver to see if I could pickup my package! I didn't have my tracking number but I gave them my last name and some other info, they told me there was no such package with my name! I asked them if they could pass me a number to whom I could contact to get the tracking number, BUT as incompetent as the customer service representatives there, they didn't have a number to give me. Instead of going to Purolator for help, I went to Hp. I then found the tracking number and I called Purolator to see if I could pick up the package today. After I called them they told me that the package has been sent back to HP because they only hold packages for 5 days. Excuse my language but ...WTF, at no time was I given indication of that.

I needed that ink as I will be doing a lot of printing this semester. Now I will have to tell HP to send the package again and this fiasco will probably happen all over again! I an very disapointed to say the least!

This could of all been avoided if the person with the package waited an extra 30 seconds.

Some potential improvements for Purolator:
- The delivery person should wait a little longer and if the receiver is not there they should post a message with pickup information with certain deadlines!
- provide tracking and pickup information at the door for those who cannot pickup their package immediately. (inform them that their package will be shipped back to the sender in 5 business days if the package is not picked up!)
- customer service should spend a little more time explaining things to people. they lack poise in this area and it shows for people that don't use their services often.

Purolator, you should fire your operations consultants, seeking as they are not able to mitigate these issues!

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