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Never, ever again.

4 new tyres fitted yesterday. Drove on my normal road home after work and one went flat within 7 miles. Had noticed things were not right. Got stranded on the side of a busy dual carriageway in the cold, wet, sleet and dark. Tyre off the rim, alloy scratched. Stuck for over 2 hours in the awful conditions.
Clearly the tyre was faulty or poorly fitted.
One plus, the customer service team answered the phone, even if the fitters were unavailable to help after normal working hours. Fitter came to assist the following day 1 hour later than promised and charged me for a new tyre. No option. refused to offer a replacement free of charge.
Not happy with the way I was treated. Or the way they are now writing to me stating they will remove this comment as I haven't mention their customer service 'according to their guidelines.'
This says it all about their customer service. The small claims court will be dealing with them.

30-1-2012 In response to your reply below (and to be sure this is visible to your clients)...

Dear Anonymous,

How you are lying! Your people did not offer a taxi at any point in the conversation. Your people suggested I call my own breakdown service. Listen to your recorded calls.

The incident was reported to your people at about 5.40pm What are your normal fitting hours? Or is it, in reality, you are based too far way to be of any help? At the end of the day, you either fitted a faulty tyre, which your fitted admitted he had difficulty in balancing going from 15g on the existing to 150g on the new, or you fitted the tyre incorrectly which lost air immediately. I have been driving since 1977, I do 25k miles per year and have tyres fitted regularly. I have never experienced this. Nor dealt with any supplier that has blindly avoided providing their customer with their statutory rights.

And, your second fitter drove off with the tyre after I asked it to be left behind. Why? Because you cant be trusted and your reply emphasises this.

Below is the exact message I got from you 'support team' I have cut and pasted it. It shows that you said my comments would be removed and it also show what extreme liars you are.

" Trustpilot Quality & Compliance (Support)
Jan 27 15:37
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You will hear from my solicitors today.

30 January 2014

Reply from

Dear Mr Conroy
Please allow us to clarify a few points:
We do not operate a 24/7 fitting service or a breakdown service, yet despite the incident occurring outside of our normal fitting hours, our call centre offered assistance over and above our stated service. They offered to get a taxi to you, they also offered to find a breakdown service for you as it transpired you drive with no cover. You declined both offers, therefore a technician was sent to you in the morning at the earliest opportunity, after having made a special trip to a supplier to obtain a replacement tyre for you.

There are clear industry guidelines set out by the British Tyre Manufacturers Association of a process to follow in a complaint such as this. The first being that the retailer is to return the tyre to the manufacturer for analysis – you have refused to provide us with the tyre so therefore we are hamstrung in trying to assist you through this documented and UK wide complaints procedure.

Finally you have received no call or letter from us asking you to remove your comment, therefore we would be grateful if the facts were presented properly. We still remain on hand to assist you with the Warranty complaints process if you would like us to.


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