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Not very good

I see reviews are being taken down as proof of purchase etc hasn't been provided. How can we provide prove of purchase or that we have had dealings with the company we are reviewing?
It looks like lots of reviews have been written but then taken down for 'review' yet it appears none of those reviews get put back up again.
Also if I go to leave a comment on someone else's review, then I can only do that if I have a facebook account?
I don't have a facebook account, and nor should I have to have one to leave follow up comments.

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28 January 2014

Reply from Trustpilot


Thanks for leaving your review.

I understand it can be frustrating to see a review reported on our site. However Trustpilot is an open platform where everyone can read and write reviews about the companies they buy from. To ensure the quality of the reviews, we provide an option to report a review that may not follow our review guidelines or could be written by someone, who can't be identified as a real customer. Any company or consumer can report a review and you can see who, when and why a review has been reported on the company profile page.

When a review is reported for missing proof of purchase, we always write to the user and ask them to provide us with documentation to verify their review. This could for example be a screenshot of an order confirmation email from the company, or a screenshot of a user logged in to their online account with the company. Other forms of documentation may be accepted, and we would always ask the user to send us what they have. If they can show they are a genuine customer of the company, we can reinstate their review, provided it complies with out guidelines for review.

I'm sorry that at the moment you are unable to comment on reviews written by other users. This is because our commenting system is currently run through Facebook, so a Facebook account is required for commenting. However we are continually striving to improve our site and make it more user friendly. I have passed your suggestion on to our product team for their consideration, and would like to thank you for your feedback.

Best Regards,


Slow service and they claim items sent in have no barcodes!

I advise anyone NOT to use these cowboys. It takes them forever to process the items you send in. Then once they have processed them, they then claim that some items don't have barcodes so they won't give you money for those items, and they don't send them back either. They don't send you an email to say the item has no barcode, you find this out yourself when you log in to see why it is taking them so long.
Emailing them gets no reply and phoning them up puts you in a long queue on an 0870 number.

Still awaiting my payment.

If the item didn't have a barcode, then I wouldn't have been able to scan it with there app and I wouldn't have sent it to them. Clearly either someone isn't doing there job correctly, or items are being 'recycled' into someones pockets.

I shall be contacting Trading Standards about them, as they are breaking the law for claiming items have no barcode then 'recycling' them without contacting the customer and informing them about it.

Will never use again, and I advise everyone else not to either, there are other companies online who will buy your items.

I see on Trusted Reviews that some reviews are being taken down as missing proof of purchase... How can we provide prove of purchase? I sold my CD's to MusicMagpie on 8th Jan 2013 ref number - 2031474

No doubt I will get an unhelpful reply in the comments from MusicMagpie just like others have, but don't bother, you only have to read the number of complaints to know your a terrible company.

EDIT... Now had unhelpful reply. They claim item had no barcode... YET it did as I scanned it with musicmagpies barcode reader. Like I said someone at musicmagpie isn't doing there job correctly. You have paid me the money now out of a goodwill gesture? What a joke!

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06 February 2014

Reply from musicMagpie

Hi Colin - unfortunately one item was rejected from your order for being "Promotional/No Barcode". As a goodwill gesture, we have issued you a payment for this item. Kind regards, mM CS

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