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You can buy cheaper but is it worth it?

I've only been tempted to switch from BT once - for home phone and broadband services. It was a nightmare. They blamed BT's system, BT blamed their equipment.

I then realised that saving myself a fiver or so a month wasn't such a good deal.

If you've got optical cabling in your area then it's not so cut and dried. If it's the old-school copper wire for me it's a no brainer.

BT's customer service has also improved beyond recognition over the last few years - probably thanks to the competition. If it's been a while since you used BT - and you're having problems with your current supplier - you may be pleasantly surprised.

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Probably the best website in the world - for men

Sensational imagery combined with an incredibly well-designed and functioning website. Form and function - what a combination.

Expensive yes, but one can dream.

No man can fail to be moved!

Clearance Comet

Great consumer goods auction site

Great idea, Comet auctioning off their surplus stock.

Before you check out Ebay take a look here.

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What can you say about the best?

All my computers (4) use as their home page.

It's been my one and only choice of search engine for as long as I can remember.

What else is there to say - it's the best.


Good but could do better

Relatively easy to find the discount coupon you're looking for but many listed are out of date - surely their software could automatically remove these when they've expired?

I tend to check out first as their codes etc are always bang up to date. If they don't have what I want are a useful backup.

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Check out their offers

Always my first port of call when flying abroad, to such an extent that my destinations tend to be led by where BMIBaby fly to.

Like all the others it's frustrating reading a quoted £50 or so for a one way to see it escalate to double merely for choosing to sit with a fellow passenger and taking a suitcase etc. Hopefully, one day, one flight company will bite the bullet and state the full price from the outset.

Having said that BMI's in-flight service has consistently been good and as enjoyable as a flight anywhere can be.


Helping the independents to be competitive

The Euronics network comprises local independents who use their massive combined buying power to compete on an even footing with the likes of Curry's and Comet.

Where the Euronics network score is the level of service and advice you'll get will be much higher and more reliable. Check out the website then go speak to your local dealer.

Many of my friends have been surprised at getting a much better deal than anticipated.


Brilliant, reliable and unbiased

Their weekly newsletter is an invaluable source of information on where to get the best deals on virtually everything.

What's more, because the site isn't owned by one of the 'players' their advice can be relied on to be objective and unbiased.

The site is also a great resource for coupons and deals for all sorts of products and services.

Sign up for their free newsletter without delay and stay informed.

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Some great offers

Have started to use Thomas Cook online regularly.

I usually run through TripAdvisor to check out the destination and their subscribers recommended hotels, etc.

You can usually book straight through from TA to the hotel's website, but if you check the same hotel's cost with Thomas Cook you will usually get a better deal - and they have some very handy discounts depending on value of spend.

Order your holiday cash via the website for collection at your nearest TC shop - and you'll get a better rate than almost anywhere else.


Great service at good prices

Have used Cartridgesave for many years.

They're very efficient - usually getting orders to us by the next day and their 'own-label' cartridges are very good quality.

Highly recommended.


Good food at a fair price

I've been shopping at Aldi ever since they opened in my home town.

I've continued to sing their praises over many years, despite many of my friends viewing Aldi with disdain - considering their offerings to be cheap and low quality.

I have to confess that in the early days of Aldi's presence most of the people I encountered on my shopping trips appeared to be none too wealthy - rather than the savvy shoppers much in evidence today.

Aldi's chocolate digestives are the only one's I will eat now - and I used to be passionate about McVities. Their breakfast cereals are all top notch and more than a match for the brand leaders, and their fruit and veg is as good as any other supermarkets - but at a much lower cost.

If you've never used Aldi give them a try. You'll never go back to Tesco!

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Increasingly concerned about the BBC News bias

For most of my life the BBC has always appeared to be the most reliable and honest source of world news. However, for several years I have noticed (along with possibly everyone else in the country) that the BBC has increasingly moved towards the political left. For a time this appeared to be gradual - now it's blatant.

In all its coverage of the national 'riots' the BBC has asked virtually all interviewees leading questions about the reasons. e.g. constantly enquiring how much the government's cuts have encouraged the 'protests'.

One only has to look at the backgrounds and status of those already charged e.g. teacher, university graduate, graphic designer, etc etc to realise that the 'protesters' aren't protesting about anything - least of all government cuts.

For the record I am entirely A-political. If the BBC's bias was to the right I would be equally concerned. Anyone of a left-leaning persuasion should consider how they would react if this was happening.

Simply Extinguishers

Fast, trouble free ordering and delivery

Our order was delivered within a couple of days. A small item was missing but this was sent out without quibble or delay. Very happy with the service we received. Simply Extinguishers will be our first port of call for anything in this line in the future.

Very fast service. Great communications.

Great service. Had managed to (mistakenly) put two different delivery addresses on my order. An almost immediate phone call (from Broadbandbuyer) resolved matters and I still received the item the day after I ordered it. Incredible.

Will certainly make Broadbandbuyer my first port of call in future.

Highly recommended them to all.

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