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Great For My Arthritic Elderly Lab - Happy Again and Pain-Free

A year ago, my vets prescribed Rimadyl 150mg (a large daily dose) for my then 13 year old Labrador who has arthritis in her hind legs. Her legs had reached such a wobbly stage she couldn't even make the small 9" jump up into the house without me lifting her. She'd stopped jumping up onto my settee - a lifetime habit where she'd always laid by me with her head on my lap in the evenings, and I was even having to cut her walks short as I could see she was struggling. She'd become quite dull in her demeanour, almost sad - I could see over many months that she was progressively getting worse and I feared for how much longer she was going to last. But I didn't want to go down the chemical medicine route to replace one problem with possibly another. So I started her instead (a year ago) on the all-natural DogGonePain tablets instead. And we've never looked back!! I'd highly recommend this to anyone with dog in a similar situation. Within 3 weeks of starting the tablets, Tilly's improvement was truly remarkable. The first change I noticed was that she actually jumped up onto the settee to sit by me. Took me completely by surprise as this was something she'd not tried for 6 months previously. And what a joy it was to see her face - she was so happy! Ok she's not done it again since but hey she is nearly 15 now. I realised only then that this product had given (and continues to give) her a renewed mental vibrancy, a spring in her step and a 'new lease of life', which she continues right up until now. She's back to jumping the back step into the house on her own, manages full-length (albeit slow and plodding) walks, and remains bright and alert. But the important bit to me is she's clearly not in any pain. I'm utterly convinced the DogGonePain tablets are the reason and would recommend anyone to give their dog a try on them for a month and see how their dog improves. These tablets aren't a quick fix however, they are for life. So if they work for your dog, then they need to be given for the rest of the dog's life. But I think it's worth it if it enables your 4-legged best friend to have a good quality of life, happy and pain-free.


From order to delivery = 2 days

Finding a supplier for Orijen dog-food was not easy until I found gjwtitmuss who stock all the varieties in the 13.5kg bags and at a very reasonable price. Very impressed with the speed of delivery too - they used a courier rather than Royal Mail so I received my order within 2 days and, as I was out at the time, my order was left for me at my home in a safe place (as requested) rather than taken off to a depot for my collection later. Very happy with service and I will definitely be using them again.

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