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Unreliable and untrustworthy

Last week I ordered an expensive vintage wine for a forthcoming special occasion. It was delivered yesterday and I saw immediately I’d received the wrong vintage. Clearly someone figured either I wouldn’t notice, care or understand the difference. The company started by blaming their supplier’s ordering system, then tried to tell me the two vintages were identical ! You’d think people selling the stuff would have more respect for their customers than to try this on, but apparently not. So now I'm left having paid a lot of money for a wine whose vintage I didn’t want, and would never have ordered in the first place, with no time to find an alternative. Apparently this is just my hard luck. Not a word of written apology or explanation. If you are unfortunate enough to have to deal with this company be very careful, or better still find an alternative amongst merchants who can both be trusted and know what they’re talking about.

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29 January 2014

Reply from TheDrinkShop.com Ltd

Your review is untrue!
We take great pride in providing a first class service and we are very sorry the wrong vintage was received. We did not blame our supplier and we did not say the vintages were identical - that's a lie! Our customer services staff offered every apology and every possible solution available to us. We researched the differences between the vintages with the agents, via the producer, explaining them to you.
It seemed that whatever we tried to do to make amends, was never going to satisfy you, and with your defensive, rude attitude on the telephone, I'm proud to say our customer services staff held their own under difficult verbal fire.
As is evidenced here on Trustpilot, we are knowledgeable in our field and held in high regard, and your review is inaccurate and defamatory.

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