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Seatwave sells counterfeit tickets!

I ordered 6 tickets to a European event from Seatwave last week.
2 days ago I received the tickets and after having a closer look I can see that the price information and original order numbers are missing from the tickets. Clearly they have removed this information with pdf editing software. When I look at pdf properties inside Adobe reader I see that they used "Nitro Pro" software to alter the tickets. Most likely they have bought cheap upper tier tickets and the removed price info and also replaced the seating information with the Field Standing text.
This type of action are criminal, making a 30 euro priced ticket worth 80 euros by using forgery.
When I tell them their tickets are missing info, they lie to me and tell me nothing is wrong with the tickets.
Obviously I tell them this behaviour is unacceptable and that I will have the tickets controlled by the original ticket issuer. The original ticket issuer tells me that the tickets will NOT work. They tell me I can forward that information to Seatwave, which I do immediately.
Now they send me the same set of tickets again, same serialnumber and barcode. Only this time they added the information I told that was missing the tickets. They tell me these are the original tickets. Well inside acrobat reader I can still see that these tickets have been manipulated with "Nitro Pro" software. Being these are the same fakes as the first ones I tell them I want a refund. Also the ticket issuer informed me these tickets will not work.
They are not giving me a refund, even if I have sent them the written proof from the original ticket provider that the tickets will not work.
But luckily with the evidence I got there will be no problem for the credit card company to get my money back.
Stay away from this company! Something is very wrong inside that firm! Fake tickets!

Edit on 2. February:
Now they put some automatic answer below and promise to fix the problem.
I did like they advised and contacted them by the email address they provided. They did not even bother to answer at all. I sent them all info including ordernumber for Seatwave.
However since the ticket issuer already told us the tickets will not work we already decided not to do this 2 day trip. With all travel expenses + days off work it is not worth it just to stand outside the arena. I asked them earlier if they also compensate for the travel expenses. They told me NO. Only having the tickets refunded is not worth it obviously.
Well now it is up to the Credit card company's lawyers to do their job.

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