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10 days to dispatch. Your dam right I would like to know.........

Just got this email:

Thu 2011/10/27 09:17 AM
We thought you would like to know that the following items have been successfully processed and will shortly be dispatched to you by Royal Mail Post.

I ordered this 10 days ago. Nothing more can be said on the matter.

Base.com, the name say's it all. Their officially on the bottom.


System Update = Game close all communication and don't deliver

I have placed 2 orders but after contacting them at 08:30 the following day to find out what is going on and why my payment was not taken a helpful lady put me through to the online order customer service team telephone number. I was met with a automated answer machine telling me that their systems have been updated and due to a large volume of calls they are only accepting enquiries via the website. I called again and explained i'd done that and not got a response for a previous order for 5 days so would like to talk with someone. I was put on hold and then upon return the lady told me that she had spoken to a senior member of staff and they only start work at 9:00. You don't get any worse than that, I thought. I told them to contact me instead. I received a call 4 hours later to be told everything is in order and my order should be processed today, if not contact us tomorrow. It's now a day after and my order has not been processed. I call and they are now closed, I now try again via the online enquiry to be told that their system has a generic fault so I cannot send my enquiry. This is utter rubbish, they have closed all forms of communication and as a customer left in dark and without the purchased I need.
Total waste of time and space. I spend good money with Game but that's all about to change.....


Zero Accountability Policy, Terrible Company that doesn't honour their prices.

The true test on any companies is not down to their products or prices but down to their Customer service and loyalty to customers.
With a policy of zero accountability based on passing the blame on technology and third parties. This a company you can forget......

I made a purchase from Kikatek this morning for a £82.56 product that was £20.00 cheaper than anywhere else I could find it. I checked the reviews of the company and it all looked good. I paid via Google checkout and awaited payment confirmation. My bank confirmed payment after 15 minutes then I received a email. "Your order will be cancelled shortly due to a pricing error. Sincerest of apologies for any inconvenience caused in this instance. Order status: Cancelled/Void" I go back online and sure enough they have hiked the price up to the same as every other online store.
Their excuse was "Please accept our sincerest apology for any inconvenience experienced. All our product listing are automated. It would seems that the system has link the item to the incorrect listing.
We hope you understand that it is a system error and there is no intention to mislead the customer. This is very rare but may still happen."

I have never heard such rubbish in all my adult life. Their terms and conditions cover them for this tailor made/automated response so they are not duty bound to complete dispatch.

I requested the confirmation that my money would be refunded as quickly as they took it or I would like them to send the parcel. I beleive that to be a fair ultimatum. They refused. I have requested confirmation that my refund has been processed, requested the details of a manager they have, requested details if they belong to any trade association or ombudsman schemes. They have ignored my request and I remain without any confirmation that my money will be returned. I have obtained their telephone number as they do not list it. They do not answer. I called their neighbouring business to check they trade from the address they advertise. They do but this company must get a lot of calls as he was fully aware they do not answer their phone.

I am not new to online purchasing. I have bought over 1000 items online this year (not including grocers). I enjoy shopping online.
Unfortunately this company has the worst customer service, ethic and support I have ever had the misfortune of being face with.

I am now left waiting for my refund a await of up to 14 days if processed today. I can then buy from GAME the store I should have purchased from in the first place. You live and learn.

Any good company would dispatch a product they have taken payment and as a matter of excellence take the loss on the chin (If there even is one).

KIKATEk: Avoid..........

UPDATE: 05/08/2011 18.00PM

After confirming that the money has been taken from my account by contacting my banks administrator. I have been advised the following by KIKATEk.
"Payment is assigned to the order and only taken once dispatch has been confirmed.
In this instance as dispatch was never confirmed, no payment was taken. Also payment was made through Google checkout, so it was never sent directly to us. Again we need to confirm dispatch with Google in order to receive the payment.
You can clarify this with Google
The manager is Vivienne Bruce Liota, you can write to her directly or for her attention

Firstly "Thanks"??? Is that really appropriate? Thanks for what? giving over my hard earned money for nothing.
They say I can contact the manager direct but did not provide a email address???
The answer is simple Google is not and cannot be held accountable. (terms and conditions below). Google is a point of payment only. This is a idiotic statement from a company flustered by a simple request for answers. After all it is my money they have directed google to take, Money that they have taken despite this email stating otherwise. If the money is not in my account then it is/was in theirs.

Terms and conditions from Google checkout:
You acknowledge and agree that your purchases of Products are transactions between you and the Seller, and not with GPC, Google or any of GPC’s affiliates. GPC is not a party to your purchase of Products, and GPC, Google, or other GPC affiliates are not a buyer or a seller in connection with any Payment Transaction, unless expressly designated as such in the listing of the Product on a Google Web Site.

As a seller these terms and conditions apply to the seller as much as the buyer.

It seems I will never get a email address for a manager and maybe not even a refund...... 24 hours has passed and they still claim to not have taken my money.

I will also be forwarding this review by email to the only point of communication I have which is to the ignoramus customer service representative Harvey.

UPDATE: 07/08/2011

My banks Card Fraud team have began a investigation based on the FACT that payment was taken in full on 05/08/11 from my account. They have also confirmed that the amount has not been refunded and has no action pending based on the payment to be refunded. I will be filling out their legal papers and filing a dispute based on this companies fraudulent actions.

UPDATE: 08/08/2011

KIKATEC have rejected my Google dispute claiming that money has not been taken. What makes this even worse is the funds were finally confirmed and released to their account on the 7th August. They therefore could have cancelled the process. My statement and bank administrator confirms with out a doubt that KIKATEC has taken my money. My banks card fraud team will be contacting them shortly. This is now became nothing other than FRAUD.

Mon 2011/08/08 09:13 AM - Only now have KIKATEC officially cancelled my order as advised by Google checkout. Isn't that a odd based on the fact that they cancelled my order by email on Fri 05/08/11. It seems to me they have waited for my payment to go through and then Monday morning decline the idea they have even taken money. Unfortunately Google Checkout enquiries are all automated so they are passed onto the merchant to answer. No matter what the enquiry I process through Google I get the same response from Google/KIKATEC

Kikatek Limited has cancelled your order. You have not been charged.
• Reason: Other (describe below)
• Comments from Kikatek Limited: "Your order will be cancelled shortly due to a pricing error. Sincerest of apologies for any inconvenience caused in this instance."

I guess I will have to take this all the way............................

Update: response to your comment.

Thank you for your reply. I will now explain in detail why you are wrong and why your statement is misleading and false.
The "Google Checkout initiates a deferred authorisation transaction during order submission in order to secure the funds " is generally the amount of £0.10 it is called a "Mark". I can confirm on my statement the "Mark" of £0.10 and the payment of £82.65. You cannot tell me that both are "Mark" I tell you as my bank has told me, that you have taken full payment as per the invoice. You cannot deny a paper trail. My dispute will hold up in court as I have the paper trail and all authorisation codes.
My bank manager has taken this matter up and forwarded all details to my card fraud protection team and international fraud team.
If you have any doubt in your mind I don't have proof or you require any further facts that you have taken my money and ran then you can contact me by telephone using my registration details.

I further add, how can you quote from Amazon when you are a completely different company and with your own terms and conditions. Did you just choice them because you thought they will cover you. They don't because there is not a link to your company. I PAID IN FULL for my order on your website so you cannot blame google, amazon or any other company. What on earth is wrong with your company? are you all a bunch of ignoramuses under one roof.

People take note: I have made very serious allegation and I can assure you that if this company knew they were correct in their statement I'd have a official letter of slander at this point.

KIKATEK online experience from hell.............

Update: 08/08/11 16.20

I have contacted Trading Standards and If I can confirmed that payment has been made through Google Checkout to Kikatek I have a contract with them. As I have all information I most certainly do have proof of payment. They are therefore duty bound to deliver the product. It isn't a revelation but when you have a authority behind you they have to listen and give a refund. I wouldn't want the problem of returning it if it was faulty, read the other reviews. This company is one slippery earl.

Update: 10/08/2011
I have sent them a official email as advised by trading standards. To date have not received a reply.
I still remain without a refund or acknowledgement that they have taken my money and ran. My bank have now taken it as a fraudulent transaction as I have submitted the papers/emails to prove they have cancelled and they have the proof they have taken my money.
Just read the reviews of anyone that required a refund or replacement. This company only know 1 thing. Sell cheap and refuse to conduct their business within guidelines of the consumer protection act. They know that most people will not go all the way to retrieve their money. Most people give up and hardly ever take it to a legal level. I will be taking this matter all the way. I have a few things on my side. The law, plenty of time and the conviction to fight for what is correct and what is so obviously wrong and fraudulent about this company.
Kikatek you know you are running from your obligations and the only thing it does is run your company into the ground......

What a saga. Got my money back, no help from these bunch of cowboys and would strongly advice anyone not to deal with them. As per all reviews with a issue, They don't offer any help, support and actually break the consumer protection act which is LAW.

08 August 2011

Reply from Kikatek

Dear Mr Wadland,

I have reviewed this case regarding the order cancellation due to a mispricing. We operate a similar mispricing policy as Amazon and other major online retailers.
- Prices are verified as part of our dispatch procedures
- If a product's correct price is higher than our stated price, we will cancel your order and notify you of that cancellation.

Reference: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=1040614

Google Checkout initiates a deferred authorisation transaction during order submission in order to secure the funds necessary for the purchase. This is then released and charged to the account when goods have been dispatched.

I have checked the Google Checkout transaction for this order and can confirm this has been cancelled and any funds secured by Google Checkout for the purchase should now be voided.

Once again, we apologise for any inconvenience caused in this instance.

Kind Regards,
Kikatek Customer Services


I can't knock Play for it's products and Website, BUT THERE IS A BIG BUT....

I used PLAY for over 50 orders a week. I can tell you that there website is excellent and PlayTrade is a great place to pick up a bargain. On the down side, I had my account closed for no reason other than I added a card incorrectly. Mistakes Happen...... I contacted Play and found myself reassured by a annoying (Squeeky) american voice. I got off the phone and my account was still closed. I phoned again, another annoying american voice (the customer service team seem to sound like 12 year old Squeeky americans) I was now informed I have been fraudulent by receiving money from Play. I have never sold anything on Play only purchased items from play so therefore could not have received money from Play for anything. I requested the customer service rep to look into and get back to me. 2 weeks passed and nothing so I emails. In the mean time i opened a new account using the exact same details even the password. To this day 5 months later a have never received a single email addressing my very detailed, over 4000 character complaint. No body likes be called a thief or accused of participation in fraudulent activates. After being accused of that by Play in stead of spending around £200 a week I have spent about £20.00 in 5 months. Customer service is the Key to success........... squeeky voices aside, the knowledge wasn't there or the follow up.


My First Choice Every Time

I must say that this company is setting the example when it comes to excellent service The prices are excellent and they have a good stock level and product selection. I am a Gold Member which basically means I buy a lot. I have never had a late dispatch, cancellation or delayed item.
The best of The best


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