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Scottish Trust Deed

Very good service, just what i needed

I thoroughly enjoyed ScottishTrustDeed, they offered jus the service that I needed, and I was able to give them a call beforehand to get help and setup my service. Recommended for anyone located in Scotland!


Unrespectful support - Not picking up delivery note

First of all, they start of by delivering at a very bad time, but that is usual for delivering company’s, they put a note in the mailbox, where you can write an alternative address, and they will then take this and change the delivering location. They did not pick of this address, and just decided to try again and again to deliver to the same address. We then called support, and asked the change the location, which was okay, when we asked if she remembered to type in "Attention Name here" to make sure the right person got the packet (it was at a company address) she said: "No I haven’t" we replied "okay, could you type it in?" she said "I did type it in, you said so". We do not recommend this at all! Choose anything other than this.

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Great! And easy to make your own store!

This is a genius website! You can setup your own T-shirt Shop, and sell custom T-shirts, and it wont cost you a thing! Spreadshirt makes sure to print and send to the person who ordered, so you just gotta sit back and let the money roll in!


Good, but some fraud :(

Great website to find all sorts of items. But something really bad about the website is all the fraud. I have experienced it twice, that i bought something, but never got it.

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Do not search it, Google it!

Great! I use google for everything and everyday! Cannot recommend anything else for Searching the web!


My favourite website to buy and sell stuff!

This is great! I use it for buying gifts, and almost everything else, they have alot of stuff in stock! Only 1 thing i'm not a big fan of, some items cannot be shipped to DK, and only inside the UK, but other than that = Amazing Website!


Perfect way to buy and store your games!

Great! Just great! It's a cheap solution to store all of your games, and you can acces them from everywhere! I myself have 130 games, and i can download and continue to play everywhere!


Just as advertised!

This is a great place to get your minecraft server hosted, i have only been here for a short while, but it's already my favourite! As it's cheap, and always working! :)

Super duper super

fantastik jeg har selv 102.000 point plus jeg har købt grand theft auto san andreas til 42.000 point og dungeons and dragons 14.000 point

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