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Currys 'Cowboy' Electricals unnaceptable afterservice

Not wanting to spend too much on something that wouldn't see a great deal of use, my old Dad bought a Curry's refurbished laptop in May last year. He was assured that it carried the same warranty as a new one, and was further told that most refurbished laptops were simply returns with no faults anyway. However, these returns were then completely checked over, fully tested, any faulty parts replaced and refurbished where necessary.

In October, after only being used a handful of times, my Dad's laptop suddenly died. One minute it was working, next it was dead, would not even turn on. I tried a different battery and PSU, but nothing. But I told him not to worry as it had a 12 month warranty.

With all the relevant paperwork I took it down to my local Currys the next day and they promptly sent it off to, dah-dah-daaah! KNOWHOW!

Two weeks later Currys gave me a call to say the laptop was ready for me to pick up. Great. So I pop down to collect it, only to find that the laptop has not been repaired because apparently the warranty is void. I'm sure you can imagine my disbelief when I'm then told we would have to pay for repairs on a laptop that is barely 5 months old!

A docket that came back with the laptop stated the warranty was void because of signs of 'spillage'. I just couldn't believe what I was hearing and challenged the Currys' staff to find any signs of spillage on the laptop - needless to say they couldn't. The laptop looked pristine, there was not a mark on it and certainly no sign of 'spillage'.

I was getting annoyed and really felt that someone was trying to pull a fast one on us, so when I further challenged them on this point, they contacted KNOWHOW who claimed the 'signs of spillage' was on the motherboard. So somehow, we had managed to get, presumably a liquid of some sort, directly on the motherboard, without touching the outer casing, the screen or keyboard. I told them that this was preposterous and demanded to know the name of the engineer and the history of the laptop.

At that point, even though the laptop had been purchased through Currys, they became totally uninterested. They would not replace, refund or repair the laptop, and said that we would have to deal directly with KNOWHOW ourselves as it was not their problem and there was nothing they could do.

Of course I wrote to both the Currys management at my local Currys, the head office and indeed KNOWHOW, providing each with all the necessary details. That was in November 2013, it is now February 2014, and not one of them has even bothered to respond, either via post, telephone or email.

What makes this all the worse is that as a family, in the past we have been good, loyal Currys customers; Fridges, Cookers, Laptops, Washing Machines, Vacuums, you name it we've bought it. No more though. If they can treat loyal customers this way, then they really don't deserve anyone's business.

I can't put into words just how disgusted I feel about their customer service or the contempt I now feel for Currys. So be warned, if you have a problem with something bought from Currys, you are on your own!

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