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Good basic printer - honest review rejected

Good basic printer
Bought printer & cartridge combo as store reservation. Good job i took my mobile to the store as the special price wasn't shown at the store. Had to go thru till to get reduced price. They seemed well used to the problem so make sure you have your reserved price confirmation. Good printer. Just takes a little too long to send 1st page to printer.

When asked by Argos to review the above product, my personal review was rejected as they said it was a customer service issue and so would not be shown on their site.

What's that all about?


very pleased with my purchase

I am very pleased with what I bought and I know if they didn't fit I could send them back with no problems and receive an immediate refund. Unfortunately delivery time took a week for them to arrive but if you know you're going to get a good product at a good price then it's worth the wait.



At IKEA, wanted to buy a picture frame today but the one I wanted was out of stock and last one was on the wall so I asked assistant nearby if I could have the one on the wall and he replied - can't be bothered to get it down as it is too much troube for me to undo the screws as I will have to put another one on the wall so no you can't have it plus it won't scan anyway. I thought he was joking but he was deadly serious. There were 3 of them just standing around messing about so in that time he could easily have taken it down for me. How rude!

Therefore, I went elsewhere because of his attitude and will let me friends know what happened too!

CO Operative

Great Shop

Always have a good selection of items, friendly staff and you get to earn points too so can't be bad!


Great for over 50s

Excellent site and offers so much for anyone over 50 including cheaper insurances - well worth a visit - you never know what you might find.


No one wanting to sell to us!!! What's that all about??

We queued up in Wickes along with several others and the young man serving on the til closed it down to help a customer - after what seemed like 5 minutes he then came back to get something - then disappeared again and said would be back in a minute - thus the queue got longer!

Surely Wickes employs other people and it wasn't the fault of the young man on the til but the fault of management!


A happy customer is a loyal customer

Excellent value, Excellent price and Excellent delivery and no quibble on returns - Need I say more??


Too much trouble

We travelled with them to Australia this year - it was a great flight, great entertainment but disappointed with the service from the staff.

When the staff were bringing food and drinks the front staff in our area finished the row ahead of us and the back staff finished row behind us so our row didn't always get the chance to have extra drinks. After one lunch break I asked for a 2nd cup of coffee like many others did - we were only row not to get it. One staff member put his hand up probably because he wasn't serving coffee and walked on by and so I asked the next one who walked by and she said she would bring it in a minute but it didn't come. I then asked again and someone else said they had stopped serving and I would have to wait and they would serve it to me later but they never did and I never asked them because it seemed it was too much trouble for them. I never had this problem with Singapore Airlines.


good value

I like this shop and the queues are off putting but I must admit that I have always found the staff to be very friendly, apologising for the waiting time but the staff work fast and the queues go down quite quickly.

SoEasy Blinds

"Its so easy"

I couldn't get the blinds made locally at a price I liked so I searched on the internet and came across SoEasyBlinds and the site is 'so easy' to use and there's even someone to speak to during the week. I spoke to the gentleman who helped me choose the sizes and he was very pleasant. I wanted 2 individual french door blinds and these aren't easy to find in the shops so they have to be made. All I had to do was measure what I wanted and the site does the rest - it even calculates for you so you just have to sit back and press a button.

I am very impressed with the roller blinds and the prompt delivery and it didn't take long to fit them. I would definitely use them again should I need to in the future.

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