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No Stock, No Clue and No Future Custom

Last week my laptop decided to give up, forcing me to look for a new one so that I could do fairly urgent assignments for my job and studies. I found one that had all the specifications that I needed on the Currys website that was tempting but was also £649.99. I kept it in mind for a couple of days and then amazingly on Thursday (30/01/2014) it had been reduced to £479.91! It was available in-store to collect and to buy online so this made my mind up.
Initially, I tried to reserve and collect in-store but apparently my local stores didn't have it in stock, nor did any of the stores that were a bit further afield. I didn't bother to check as far China but maybe that one is my fault. I then decided to buy online and get it delivered using the free home delivery because I could wait 5 working days. The website was more than happy to take my order and my credit card details.

By 3.24 p.m. Saturday (01/02/2014) I received an email to say they were processing my order.
At 3.25 p.m. I got an email to say that they wouldn't be able to give me the laptop within the delivery timescale and that they would contact me to explain.
Mysteriously, by Sunday the laptop was no longer in stock or available in any way on their website.
Instead of waiting for them to call me, I decided to call them this morning to get some answers which was unsurprisingly nothing. They have "No idea when the laptop will materialise", they "understand my frustration" but at the end of the day, I've taken time off work this week to wait for a big box of nothing. "Would I like to order something else instead?" Dream On!
Is this meant to be an example of good business practice??? Offering something that doesn't exist and then trying to fob customers off with a laptop they don't want and that's probably more expensive. UPSALES FOR THE WIN!!!!
I will never buy from these W*&@#!s again.

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