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Don't use Currys' installation service

Ordered integrated washing machine and paid for installation. The washing machine turned up at 8 am on 1.2.14, installers checked under the sink and said valve had stuck and we would need to get a plumber - I presumed if they were installing an appliance they would have the experience to remedy minor problems - obviously not. They said they would come back later that day and install it. Managed to get a plumber to come around, he took one look at the valve and said all they needed to do was use a spanner to loosen it. Phoned Currys and explained what had happened they said they would get a message to the installers to return to fit the machine and I could expect them between 3 - 4 pm.

Well as I suspected they didn't turn up, called Currys again and was told the installers had now gone home. I could now have a new date of next Wednesday for installation, obviously not happy with that, after a lot of talking Curry's finally managed to arrange for it to be installed yesterday.

The installers turned up at about 8ish, we told them what had happened, they took one look at the valve under the sink and said it was nothing to the with washing machine, in fact it was for the dishwasher. So if the original installers were properly trained they would have been able to install the machine the day before.

Phoned Currys again, asked to speak to a manager but wasn't allowed to, told them what their installers had said. Currys agreed to refund the plumbers bill. I also asked for a refund of the installion fee because on their website they tell you they can do everything but obviously they can't and if I had known that from the outset I would have arranged my own installation. They have offered 50% of the installation fee. If I want a 100% refund they will send an engineer to uninstall the machine - surely it would be cheaper for them to give me the 100% and how petty for a company the size of Currys.

Since using the machine I have also noticed where it's been attached to the pipework under the sink, there's a slight leak.

I arranged for a manager to call me back tonight at 7 pm, won't hold my breath waiting for that call but will be taking this matter further.

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