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Must 1 of the worse company i have the misfortune to have any dealings with.Customer Service is at best 1 star standard and if you want to speak with someone higher ,must be strange to have it run my the people who answer the phones because they never managers and you have to speak to them .After trying to speak with someone and couldnt decided and told them i was going to leave, answer was do you want me to transfer you to that department,then on top of that @thank you for calling ,hope we helped you@...having a laugh or what!!

Just Eat

Yum Yummy

a very friendly site ,been using them for a few years now ,food always hot a good choice of take always and service so far superb

31 May 2012

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Hello Roy,

I'm glad to hear you like our site and have been using it for some time, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to leave a review and we look forward to your continues custom.

Kind regards.

David Farrer
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Please Please get back to the old Tesco

I never thought i be righting a review like this about Tesco as i worked for Sir Cohen and only just retired so Tesco as been my life from boy to man .My experience over my last two occasion has been a nightmare and unless you go via H.O customer service is a thing of the past.
The 1st occasion was on line via the new hub in Enfield placed 2 orders and it was canceled no email or phone call ,when i contacted H.O I was told it was refused so they arranged to be delivered again the following Monday in three slots ,2 arrived but 3rd one refused again H.O forgot to tell them the order number so they would look out for it.The other thing was when they refused the very fist orders they never delivered but still took the £1,100.00 out of my bank.
Next time we decided to go to the store in which it was so noticeable how much the staff looked unhappy,grumpy needless to say customer service was out of the window.I REALLY hope this is just a blip because a lot of staff have achieved so much over the years,getting them from 5th to 1st retailer


a five star friendly company

I have always found VioVET a great asset to me as the site is so user friendly {and at my age ,trust me it needs to be }and always keeps you informed right to the very end.
When we got our Old English Sheepdog from the breeder,she told us about the firm and its as good if not better now than when we first used them years ago.

1st class on all

the best finder of rum i have seen with the operation of the company as good

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