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Surprised at all the good reviews

I just bought a guitar from Thomann. It was one of the "Masterbilt" Epiphone guitars so I was very surprised at the poor build quality. There were three problems with it. The action was absolutely terrible. It was 11/64th of an inch at the 12th fret. In a word, unplayable. Action on an acoustic guitar like this is factory set to be quite high but I wasn't expecting it to be this high. It should have been no more than 7/64ths and 6/64ths would have been better. There was a small crack in the mahogany neck at the headstock end just below the nut (which could have been done in transit to be fair to Thomann). The end-pin jack plug was fitted very badly as well. Something that really shocked my luthier. He said that this definitely should have been seen at quality control. It was just set too deeply so that a jack plug wouldn't stay in and popped right back out. It's too much trouble to return it (at buyer's cost which is expensive from the UK to Germany) and I would have had it set up anyway so gluing the crack and getting the electrics right will just add to the cost of that.
I vote with my feet however and will not be buying anything else from Thomann in the future.
It wasn't Thomann's fault but I found that I'd been charged £17 more than the checkout figure when I looked at my bank statement on-line. I was also charged a £1.25 foreign transaction fee by my bank. When I called the bank to find out why the amount taken off was £17 more they said an "International Usage Fee" and I should blame the government for it! I don't believe a word of it. Why would a supposedly pro-Europe government put a levy on EU trade? Absolute twaddle.
Not exactly Thomann's fault but I think Thomann should warn people from the UK that the amount they see at checkout is liable to be hiked up. Had I known this I would have bought from a UK company where it would have been easier to return it to.
All in all a lousy shopping experience although I should add that I couldn't be bothered to speak to Thomann about it. Why should I set myself up for a hassle. My luthier and some more cash thrown at it will get the guitar into shape now.
On the bright side, delivery was quick and tracking was available.

Reidys Home of Music


I ordered a 12-string guitar from this company via their website. They had a telephone number to call so I first made sure they had the guitar in stock - the salesperson was friendly and helpful and they did have the guitar as stated on their website. The guitar arrived less than 24 hours later at the time I was told it would arrive. It was well packed and I'm very happy with it. I will be buying another guitar soon from this company and theirs will be amongst the first websites I go to for musical products from now on. First class service. Thanks Reidy's.


Terrible All Round

The website feels old and clunky for starters. I had a few 404 errors on product pages which hardly instils confidence. I did however order a microwave because it was the one I wanted and the price seemed OK. I had to register with the website and to do so was forced to give unnecessary information that I did not want to give about myself. There seemed to be no option not to retain my card information. What I ordered was on next day delivery and it did not arrive next day. I was given a tracking number in an email but when I entered this number on the tracking page at the Comet website it gave me a 404 "page not found" error. I looked for a telephone number to call customer services and only found and 08712 number which was charged at 10p per minute. It is now the day after the day on which this product was supposed to arrive and I want to go out to see an old friend before he moves to India but I am still waiting for my delivery and am unable to even attempt to find out what might have happened to my order without spending 10p a minute (more I think because my phone is a Virgin one). I would spend the money on the phone call if I thought it would get me anywhere but I'm sure I will be told that once the item is with the courier there is nothing they can do so why waste money. Disgraceful service but only just less than average for the UK. I will never be using Comet again.


Excellent Choice, Prices and Service

I was looking for a Marshall AS100D Acoustic Amp and had some very fishy service from the music equipment retailer I usually use (If you know what I mean). I also had "bait and switch" experiences from some of the other retailers I called whereby new stock was claimed on web-sites that then turned out to be ex-showroom stock which was "only out of the box for a day or two - honest". Yeah right, more probably a month or two and possibly pounded at full volume by every aspiring AC/DC fan who walked in the shop. It only takes a second to damage a speaker so I wasn't too happy to have my time wasted by these "bait and switch" merchants.
Andertons was a breath of fresh air and I was treated with respect as a customer from the start. The man with whom I spoke on the phone gave me his name without being asked. I called on a Friday morning at about 11 am and when I told him I needed next day Saturday delivery he told me that it wasn't a problem and that they had 3 units (as stated on the website). He said he'd check out which stores the units were at and call me back within 15 minutes. He called me back in 5 minutes took my credit card details and said he'd email me as soon as the shipping had been arranged.
I checked my email about 10 minutes later and found confirmation of the order. I also went to their website and sure enough the stock level on the product page had dropped to "2".
I had another email about half an hour after that with a UPS tracking number on it and advice to the effect that tracking would be active at about 8 o'clock that evening when the package had been picked up from Andertons and delivered to the UPS warehouse.
Sure enough I clicked on the tracking link just after 8 and it was logged as having arrived. I looked at the tracking info later that evening and early the next morning and every stage of the route was logged so I knew exactly where it was. A UPS man was at my door shortly after 9 o'clock on Saturday morning and I plugged in the amp and was playing guitar through it a few minutes after that.
Andertons had taken 22 hours to get the amp to me on a Saturday! If I had to describe the service in a few words I'd call it "An American standard of service in the UK".
I look forward to using Andertons for all my future gear purchases.

Dolphin Music

Bad Service and No Communications

I'm surprised at how I'm now being treated by Dolphin. I've bought gear from them before and they were OK but "it's all over now Baby Blue".
I wanted a new amp for my birthday. I ordered one on Wednesday by telephone for next day delivery. I found it for £30 less at an on-line retailer that I'd never used but thought that I'd order it from Dolphin because I'd never had a problem with them and I trusted them. I was told it was in stock and there wouldn't be any problem. This day was 9 days before my birthday so... I was going to have an amp on my birthday wasn't I? I'd even taken a few days off work to enjoy my birthday present so what could go wrong?
I waited and waited patiently. No amp. I called on Friday and was told that it would be sent out immediately. The following Tuesday I called again only to be told that they did not have the amp in stock. They offered me a shop-soiled one at a discount. I said that I wanted a full refund. The money is now tied up with them and I can't afford to order one from somewhere else until I get the money back into my account. My birthday is now 2 days away and there is little prospect of me having an amp in my possession by then. Very disappointing.

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