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Why would you?

Purchased a Logik LFC60W12 fridge freezer on 6th March '13 for our small golf club café. After being away for a few days in early January '14, came back to discover the contents of the freezer - several bags of ice-cubes - were now in liquid form all over the floor as the freezer had stopped working.

Reported this to Currys customer service & in process of booking an engineer to come & take a look, when they said that they weren't permitted to come to commercial premises as guarantee didn't cover the item being on such. Bear in mind that I'd bought it with a company credit card, given the delivery address as the golf club, & had it delivered there. At no time during the sales process was I advised that the guarantee would not be valid if the fridge freezer was on commercial premises. If I had have done then I'd have happily waived the guarantee as one has every expectation that a fridge freezer will go on years longer than the standard 1 year guarantee.

That wasn't the situation though, so took up the issue with Currys Customer Service team - had to post on their Facebook page mind to make them take notice, as they hadn't responded to the issue reported by the engineer booking department, or branch from which I bought it & to which I complained - who admitted that the branch should have informed me, & that as a gesture of goodwill, if I got an engineer out to assess the situation, then they would reimburse for that & pay for any repair. Looks reasonable, until the engineer advises that the compressor has failed & the item is beyond economic repair.

So expecting Currys to offer a replacement for a product that is clearly faulty given it's failure within less than a year of operation. But oh no.....they're back to hiding behind the guarantee not being valid, that the shop had 'misunderstood' that I purchased it for commercial premises, & even that the Supply of Goods Act doesn't apply to commercial purchases. They offer me a 'goodwill' gesture of a £180 voucher, & with no mention of reimbursing the engineer's call-out fee.

Now let's think about the logic of this. Faulty product should be replaced. OK, can accept now that I know that it wouldn't have an applicable guarantee for the replacement, but one would expect that lightening wouldn't strike twice & it would actually last longer than 12 months before breaking down! But no, let's offer a £180 voucher for me to buy a replacement from their High Street store, which they've told me that I shouldn't be using as a commercial customer, & which will have no valid guarantee. And to top it all, I've just received the standard 'your guarantee is going to expire' letter, inviting me to pay more money to extend what we now know will be a worthless guarantee. No mention in the letter & small print of it not being valid if the item is on commercial premises. And yes, you've guessed it....the original 12 month guarantee was registered to the commercial premises! They've clearly got a systemic failure in this area, but don't seem to wish to recognise, accept or address it.

The original fridge freezer cost £280, so with their £180 'goodwill' gesture, they're effectively quibbling about £ the call-out fee. They're a bl**dy multi-million blue chip company that should care about basic customer service, but this whole experience just demonstrates that they clearly don't give a t*ss! That's my last ever purchase from Currys!

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