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Wasted expensive trip and customer services do not care

Long story cut short.
I reserved a laptop and received a confirmation with a 'Total' to pay sum on it. I drove to collect it and when I got there was told it was an extra £30 to pay.
The only laptops I wanted had some software already installed that apparently everyone asks for. No option to remove it or any alternative suggested. Either take this laptop. buy a dearer one or go away.
Customer services saw nothing wrong with this and no compensation offered.
The assistant then tried to sell me more and more extras as I was marched to the till. (Escorted in case I ran out with it?)
I could go on. Horrible experience.
Would have gone elsewhere but by now late afternoon and only ordered it because the shop was on the way to a course I was attending and I needed it for that.
Stinking service all round and they don't care. Shame you cannot give one star.


Why have the VAT separate?

I know lots of people do it these days. But just stick the price on with VAT so you know how much it really is.
It's like they are saying look its not our fault. Our stuff is so cheap. Its the nasty tax man making it expensive.
You end up thinking well postage is not free because I've just paid an extra £30 to what I thought I would.


Is there any vetting of staff at all

In brief i have started using the post office a lot to send samples and sale goods.
Too much stuff is going missing to different places all over the country.
People I have dealt with for years say they have not received stuff.
The post office sends a totally illegible proof of delivery or you download it yourself and it is so jerky and unreadable it could my signature and I could not recognise it.
But that is it end of claim.
You should not have to send everything you post by an expensive traceable, signed and trackable service.
I will be looking for other couriers.


Cheap and nasty products, customer service offers no service and charges for phone calls

Wish i could give it zero stars. Bought a watch that basically discoloured in the sun. It said waterproof to 20 metres, stainless steel, shockproof etc.
I done none of that. I foolishly just wore it in the daytime without the face covered. I even took it off when I washed my hands.
Made many calls to try and sort it out.
Eventually returned it to them as they advised me to and they claim it never arrived. Sent it recorded and they will do nothing about it.
As they say buy cheap buy twice. But certainly do not buy from these people. They say blame the post office I say I should never have to send it back. It's cheapness showed after less than 4 weeks. I have bought better from markets yet this place is advertising in the Times.
Oh and dont forget that the phone number is 5 pence per minute. By the time I had rang them 2 or 3 times and been put on hold then passed around and waited for advice from a supervisor I could have bought a Rolex.


Dont believe the tracking page

I really needed these goods for a particular event so ordered next day delivery.
Received and email telling me they were dispatched and when to expect them. I duly logged on to tracking site like a kid waiting for Xmas Day.
The goods collection date changed before my eyes, from one day to the next.
Still not received goods.

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