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T Mobile


Good service, good coverage, more than happy with my contract. However with repairs they are terrible! The repairs department thought changing the screen would help with an electrical problem...



Ordered the cheapest chest freezer on the net, free next day delivery, called to confirm the time was okay before they turned up, spot on time, opened it for me, took away the plastic wrapping for us. Cannot fault them!


Home delivery... Well, if they turned up!

Used home delivery for a while. I can't drive so when I was a student in Bolton it was brilliant. Used to carry it upstairs to my kitchen and went through any unavailable or substituted items one by one to make sure they were okay. Now its a complete joke - the Ashton-under-Lyne store is now my delivery store and they are usless. We don't live near an ASDA so this is really our only way but given the current service were switching to Sainsburys, a little dearer but at least I may actually get my shopping from them.

We booked a 12-8pm slot because we were in anyway and its a little cheaper. 810 came and rang the store, they advised they had had some trouble with one of the freezer vans so maybe a little late. Said thanks and kept waiting. 930 came and rang again, warehouse staff only guys available and told us that if the vans out it wil come. 1030 came and noone answering any of the phones at the store, tried the customer service line who tried the store - were advised it was on its way. 1130 came and tried the store, finally got told that the drivers had all come back and gone home, no orders had been returned since 10 when this guy started his shift so must have been delivered.

Called back the next day and got rebooked for 11-3 with a promise of a phonecall to discuss compensation for the mistakes - assistant manger called who couldn't help so manager would call at 11. No call. Chased and chased but the shopping arrived first. Not much choice other than to accept it. Two days later and several calls and still no call from the manager. Chasing again tomorrow or putting in a complaint with head office.

We have had numerous other problems with delivery from this ASDA - missing items, wrong items (wrong sizes, white sugar instead of brown, plain flour instead of self raising), over charged, late deliveries, one time all of our frozen food had been missed, last delivery all of the frozen stuff has defrosted and the chilled food was warm meaning most of it went off well way before the best before dates... The list goes on.

First time from this store the delivery guy smashed a bottle of bleach and trailed it through the building, in the lift, in the hallway and into my flat. It covered me and my partners clothes before we realised (it had smashed then leaked over a load of the bags) ruining our clothing and some of the shopping. In all fairness they refunded that whole shop to cover the cost of clothing, but still, he shouldn't have delivered it if he knew what he had done.

Overall a bit of a naff service. Ashton store in particular is a crap store with a seemingly useless, uncontactable manager.


Good Company

Cheap as chips, good sizes - only thing I would fault is their use of DPD as a courier! Would have been 5 stars if they didn't use em!


Utter Tosh

Took me two and a half years to convince them I didn't recieve an item. They accused me of lying, called me a thief - they told me they had proof of delivery from Parcelnet. When I told them to prove it as I hadn't signed for anything it turned out the item was sent via Royal Mail on a standard delivery - yet still they continued to chase me for the £40. After two and a half years the bill exceeded £350 with all the fees and late payment charges. I finally got them to wipe it and close my account.. They then started chasing me to make an order as it "had been so long since I last ordered" - wonder why! I emailed their support team back last week to get this stoppedand actually close my account and haven't heard anything since.

They sell cheaply made, over priced plus sized clothes knowing only a few high street shops sell these sizes so some people are stuck. There are better shops online ladies! No need to settle for their cheap, nasty clothing and poor customer service!

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Total Joke!

Edited again - They have changed their number - it is now 0844 556 0560 - similar method to speak to a person works - Select 1 for tracking, 1 again for consignment number, tap in 1234567890 then # to accept, it will then try and put you through to a person, takes about 30 seconds if you can type quick).
Apparently they have had some departmental changes so numbers changed. Also their international enqueries line is open later than 6 (I spoke to them at 645) but they can help - 0845 9 300 350. I am due another parcel tomorrow, not holding my breath!

QUICK EDIT on how to speak to a person on the main line... ring 0845-560-560, select option 2 for redelivery - it will ask for the number from the card they left, needs an eight digit number - I used 12345678 the hit # to enter this. It will read it back, press 1 to confirm. It will try to confirm the postcode, press 2 to say its incorrect and TADA you get a real person between 8am and 6pm! Give them your details and complain away!

My review:
This is the second time I have had probems with this pointless firm.

YoursClothing only seem to use them even though they are completely useless. First time they turned up at the bottom of my block of flats and drove away without so much as getting out of their van. First time I got a 1 hour delivery window and when it passed and my partner advised they hadn't dropped it off I got through to customer services and got it redelivered that night. The driver didn't say a word to my partner and just drove off after he signed for it. The parcel had been clearly labelled to leave with concierge if they couldn't get in - clearly ignored it. The driver denied this had ever been on the parcel - HE HAD RIPPED IT OFF WHEN WE COMPLAINED! The part of the label with delivery instuctions had been torn off leaving a hole in the bag. Advised them of this, got no response to my complaint. Typical it seems...

This time is an utter mess... They couldn't confirm a delivery slot of 1 hour so I got told between 8 and 5 via email. I rang to confirm they had the delivery details about concierge and how to get into the building - they confirmed it was written on the parcel, the woman I spoke to confirmed the delivery times were actually 730 to 6 and added my phone number to the system incase there were any problems. Got to 610 and no parcel. Rang again and was told the driver had a flat tire so maybe up to 7pm. Confirmed this was OK, just urgent I got my parcel - she said this would be okay. 745 and no parcel, tried line to be told shut at 6pm. Tried depo after finding the number and no answer. Got email at 859 telling me they had tried delivery at 826 and I wasn't home. THIS IS UTTER BULL, we confirmed with concierge that no delivery vans or cars that weren't driving into the private car park had been up the road and he certainly hadn't left a card anywhere like the tracker says. Called their depo again and the only guy there advised there is nothing he can do as they are now shut - how convenient - driving putting getting back to the office on time over me getting my parcel - even though I paid for next day delivery because its urgent. He has put it for delivery before 10am but given these reviews I doubt I'm getting it this month let alone tomorrow.

Utter waste of space, staffed by liars and idots!

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Generally nice but cannot be bothered with poor service!