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Misleading customer service statistics

I have needed customer support many times due to connection speed drops. While someone does usually give some sort of a response within a few hours, the initial responses have always been useless. They simply state that they will look into it, but nothing is actually done for several days. Clearly, their first response is a trick to make their customer support statistics look good. In reality, it takes days for most problems to be properly addressed. Customer will get more help in the consumer forum set up by plusnet than by the people addressing the service tickets.

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Worst custommer service ever, frequent disconnections

Frequent disconnections, several times a day.
I have been with another company since November after 2 years of service with Talktalk. In the end I decided the savings wasn't worth the waste of time and energy. Since then, I've had three visits from Talktalk sales people asking if I want free cable internet from Talktalk. Where were these peope when I needed the connection to be fixed? They will do anything to sign up with them, then they will leave you out in the cold.

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o.k., but no customer service by phone.

We needed an extra item urgently in conenction with what we had bought and there is no customer service through the telephone. Their phone number just leads to a machine saying they do not have this service! This is a major limitation, especially if there is a problem that needs a speedy resolution. I will hesitate to use this company again in future because of this. In fact, I ended up getting the extra item somewhere else, through phone support.

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