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Millennium Hilton, Bangkok - attention to detail

Sometimes mistakes happens and those who don't correct them are said to be making their second one! Well, that could not be said about Millennium Hilton, Bangkok! A few hiccups occurred in an attempt to make a reservation, however shortly after we got offered a very kind compensation for a misunderstand and our faith and trust was back.

As "Bangkokkians" we know Millennium Hilton very well both as a get-away-in-town", their excellent dining and the Threesixty bar on 32nd floor offering a great panorama view over Bangkok and Chao Praya River. Further we both had family and friends staying over here several times.

We, wife, husband and almost 2-year old daughter had two nights in the execute suite – generous space with excellent interior design and postcard view. We needed the extra space! Why? Visiting "Maya, Hiltons Thai restaurant, a set dinner was served on a small table a total of 15 courses (fifteen!) made us absolutely full. 2 hours dinner offering a dancing show telling Thai history mixed with a bit of rumba rhythm’s where you as a guest even end up dancing / running through the restaurant shaking off some of that generous served food!

Kids – bring them along! Staff is more than kid friendly and they spoil them! Do you know the small yellow rubber ducks you use in the bathtub – when you squeeze them they go “eew, eew, eew”? Well, beside the color pencil set and the small fabric elephant, your kid is given this duck branded with a Hilton logo on its butt – now that's attention to detail!! Bring the kids or your self to the pool – there is also a shallow water area where kids can play and parents can enjoy watching them and the river view from the in-pool deck chairs!

Wife tell us that their spa is very friendly too. She brought along our daughter for a facial with no problem at all while I enjoyed the 24/7 fitness and then back to do a little work in the room – on a desk longer than the bed!

We could tell you much more, but why don’t you go check it out for yourself!? Its really worth it. We previously did stay in some of their smaller rooms which was very good too – however we do recommend to book one of their executive rooms as this include both breakfast and early drinks on the 31st floor.

Thank you for two good days and especially thank you to hotel manager Scott who we never got the chance to meet and greet but made the stay for us more than pleasant. Thank you.

ChatandVision Ltd.

Pure cheating and fraud - nothing else!

I bought the Asus SV1T Skype video phone that is featured as a PORTABLE PHONE WITH A RECHAGEABLE BATTERY via Skypes shop that link you to The rechargeable battery was never included in the packackage and ChatAndVision tried to fool me by saying it was an accessory, however the “In the box” was clearly stated “Lithium battery” (see photo) and their YouTube video on this link:

clearly SHOW a battery and speaker says battery IS INCLUDED. I left a comment on YouTube however ChatAndVision DELTEDE MY MESSAGES ABOUT BATTERY WAS NOT included and BLOCKED ME FOR LEAVING MORE COMMENTS.

Further to the record Chat and Vision then deleted words “Lithium battery” from their website AFTER I bought the item and me that it was not included. Se photo. Thus I had physical evidence the battery was incuded, I kept getting ignored - we are talking at least 20 mails back an forward.

After long time they agreed to pick up the phone and return money. Ofcourse the courier company didn’t show up and ChatAndVision didn’t wanted to tell me the couriers contact info.

Finally a DHL showed up - however when I gave them (DHL) a package to return, DHL said they were instructed by ChatAndViosn NOT to give me any receive, nor tell me the destination of the package. Ofcourse I couldn’t accept to leave a 350 USD phone with DHL without a receive.

And ChatAndVision - ofcourse never gave me an answer to this.

BE AWARE: ChatAndVIsion do not provide any contact address, nor a phonenumber to their company. There are a lot of other stories out there about these guys, and I guess its just a matter of time, before Skype kick them out. Untill then, I really urge people to stay far far far away from this company. They apparently erase all negative feedback, block people from comment with negative feedback and don’t include in packagages what was promised.

Needless to say I didn’t get my money back...!

I updated my review with the following comments after "suddenly" seeing all these "positive" review of thsi company:

I like to notice that my experience with ChatAndVision - is among many other reviews - point out that this company do not run "fair play". I have has some serious issues with them, experienced how my reviews of them was deleted and I was blocked for leaving comments on their YouTube videos. Suddenly - as I started to point lawyers towards this company for fraud beginning of August, a lot of positive feedback are suddenly showing up here on Trustpilot and elsewhere? All of these says the same: "I will recommend..." and "Thus other bad reviews...". All of these people leaving a message here have ever never left a review before...! Is that really possible that so many - never left a message before are now doing this? And how come none of these reviews notice that ChatAndVision does not have an address nor a phonenumber, thus all online shopping is recommended to have? I believe that most - if not all - these "positive reviews" suddenly showing up are false. Timing, context etc us just too obvious!! Lets see - after this comment, maybe a lot of more "reviews" show up with people who have done previously more reviews. It wouldn't surprise me! CheatAndFiction have done it again!

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