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You can do better

Why do you have that horrible name Tesco in your store?
why don't you lead the way and let them advertise you in their stores...

Don't copy prices do better, they lead the way for a 'rip off britain' don't copy them.....


Always better than Tesco

Why advertise that horrible name Tesco in your store, just lower your prices to beat Tesco (the same isn't good enough) and more people will shop with you
Don't be a 'rip off Britain' company like them...


Good company..

I like this store but.....
I hate tesco's and i'm sick of see that name everywhere, now i even see that horrible name in your store!!!!
Do they pay you to advertise their name in your store?

You dont need that name in your store, just make sure your prices are lower (the same isn't good enough) and more people will shop with you...


Hate this rip off company

A company living in the past and ripping off poor people who can't afford the stupid licence fee...

I never watch or listen to any BBC programmes, BBC programmes are banned from my tv and have been for a few years...

Why should we pay for some greedy scum bags to party on our money...

Hate this rip off company so much i've stopped watching F1 lol


My daughter likes to shop here

Some good prices for young people
my daughter always shops at New Look
She even has me buying online now.....


Always good service

Good company to shop at
fast delivery service when buying online...


I'll shop again...

It's nice to see a company in the UK trying to keep prices down..
we dont want more companies ripping British people off..


Another company run on greed!!!

Why not change your name to ebaytesco they are run on greed too.....

If we want to shop at a store in the high street we can go there or shop online at their website, why do we have to see them on ebay?
Greed is the reason.....

Just another company to rip the British people off...


Sick of seeing Tesco name everywhere

Pretends to be cheapest company...

Ridiculous profits prove the company is run on lies..

Another company leading the way to rip the british people off

I'll never shop at any of their stores.......

Save on Laptops

I will be back.....

I'm amazed to find such a brilliant company.

Delivery is super fast and they deliver when they say they will....

The laptop is great and a really great price

Keep up the good work guys, i will certainly recommend you to everyone

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