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Efficient, speedy and up to quality

Bought some sandals. Very pleased with quality, packing and service


Booking easy and fair

Booking was easy and fair


Excellent service

9 Camcorder tapes over 10 years old were converted to Dvds.
Excellent service with good communication and good value.
More than pleased.


Tax avoidance equals good service?

Whilst Amazon offer range and good service this must be seen in the context of uncompetitive behaviour through devious tax avoidance. This is not good for consumers. I for one look elsewhere for supply and find prices and good service are readily available.


Good but not as good as you were

The Nottingham town centre store is always busy with a nice atmosphere BUT the wall behind the cash tills is really dirty and terribly chipped and scraped. It has been this way for over a year in spite of my writing a personal letter to the General Manager 4 months ago, and also a letter to Customer Services over a year ago. I mentioned it to a lady on the tills recently and she said "Oh I know what you mean - we keep complaining about it but nothing is done" Even when writing a personal letter to the General Manager (by name and marked personal) I only received a photocopy of a photocopy of a standard letter. Just not good enough Mr Waitrose and certainly not Partnership. This wonderful company is "owned" by its employees. Too bad that there are a few who are letting down the founder - Mr Speedon Lewis I think. Come on Waitrose! I spend over £25.00 every day in your store so the profit on my annual purchases alone would pay for a decorator. .

Well, here we are and it's 21 June 2013 and surprise surprise nothing has changed and the wall and the dirt get worse. Never knowingly listening to the customer! Down to 2* and counting.

Wetsuit Centre

Excellent service but one minor whinge

Having bought a top of the range wetsuit for £400 (Ripcurl Flashbomb plus) I was a bit disappointed to see it arrive a bit creased, forced into a small single layer, black plastic bag. How much does a metre of bubblewrap cost, or even a bit of tissue paper? Or better still, some kind of cloth bag as well, with a Wetsuit Centre logo to reinforce brand loyalty?. Otherwise, no complaints, and full marks for quick and friendly service and an impressive choice..As to price, it was the same as other websites.

John Lewis

First choice for service and quality

Your staff are generally wonderful and very knowledgeable. I commend your pricing policy which is totally fair and easy to understand. The fact that you only show reductions on genuine Clearance items is so refreshing. Please, please never resort to the dishonest "discounting" employed by your competitors where top prices are fictitious. Also, by not paying commission I never feel intimidated when shopping at John Lewis. Your founder would be proud of you. Beware of the over zealous marketing man/woman!


Such quality - thank you

Just to say your quality and value for money are amazingly good. Less imports and more home grown drama would be better still - and appropriate.


Fast, fair and helpful

I ordered a pair of swimming fins and a swimming costume in the wrong size and they exchanged them within a couple of days with no postage charge. Incidentally, I strongly recommend Cressi light pool fins. I use them for bodysurfing and they are super comfortable with excellent thrust.

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