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I fueled my ambition...

Speedy and helpful staff when I've had queries, very quick delivery of orders and top quality products that really work - don't need to say any more.

13 May 2013

Reply from Myprotein UK & Ireland

Hello Kevin,

Many thanks for your review.

It is great news to hear that you're so pleased with all aspects of our site and service. We look forward to continuing business with you for the foreseeable future.

If there is anything we can assist you with, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Kindest regards, Customer Care Team

Lawson HIS

Always fast and reliable.

Their power tool prices are very hard to beat, service is outstanding and special offers are truly value for money. Don't hesitate - this is the place to buy your tools and safety gear and it arrives FAST.


The good and the bad...

Good: Sometimes have cheaper games than ever and Amazon

Bad: Seem to be selling some titles that are out of stock or due in days that end up taking serious time to arrive, if the order doesn't get cancelled. They did send me a 'special' 10% off voucher code the last time this happened, but then sent out the same 10% off to anyone who had ordered previously just not recently, so a bit meh about Zavvi.

Worth using them for their occasional bargains but don't expect everything to go right all the time.


At no point during the order process did live up to what we expect from an online retailer

The age of online shopping - it should be simple & easy. Ikea - it must be preferable to being herded around one of their cattle shed retail outlets, it has to be... I' rather spend a week lost in an Ikea store than go through the experience I've had with their astoundingly poor half-arsed online division.

Ordered two products. Rather surprised to hear it'd be 2-3 weeks before they would arrive - that's not what I'd expect from online purchasing but hey-ho, the order is placed, no going back now.

So 2.5 weeks pass, a driver calls to say he will be here within the hour, just as Ikea's text message said he would.

The items have been packed at the very front of the wagon. The wagon has two holes in the roof. The items are wet through and damaged. The items go back...

After several calls to Ikea, they finally 'phone back regarding the replacements: "We will call you this afternoon to arrange re-delivery". Eh? A call to say they will call? What's the point of that?

No call.

I called them back the next day, I'm told it'll be another 2-3 weeks before the replacements arrive.

2 and a bit weeks later we receive a call from the driver's mate - will be here in around an hour. Some minutes later, another call - "I just noticed your items are packed at the front of the wagon - there is a hole in the roof, your items are both wet through"...

deja vu?!

Ikea wagon arrives, we tell the drivers they must have sent out the same items or used the same wagon again - they are strapped in at the far end of the wagon, the wagon has the same holes in the roof on either corner with all kinds of nasty green gunk where water has obviously been seeping through for many weeks or months.

The driver tells us that this is a common problem - their wagons are regularly damaged by trees, especially in Wales (?! Welsh trees must be tougher than our puny English ones, I dunno...)

So it seems to me, not only do Ikea have a very loose idea of what customers expect form an online shopping experience, they also have a fleet of (I'm told) 300 wagons, of which many have exactly the same defects as the two that attempted to deliver soggy chipboard shelving to our house.

So as it stands I'd rather risk buying some poorer quality Argos shelving than have anything to do with the Ikea brand ever again, I'd take Engrish flat-pack over Swedish soggy any day of the week.


Always cheap, fast & reliable... especially great customer service.

ShopTo is simply the best place for video games. Prices that cannot be beaten, service that is second to none and friendly staff available to help when you need advice. My favourite online shop.

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