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Quick, Easy, Perfect

Only ordered from CJS one time, but it was a perfect transaction. Received my order within minutes, and would highly recommend the company to anyone.


You Can Almost Guarantee A Flawless Service

I've bought from Amazon many many times and their service has been second to none. I have only ever had 1 order not arrive on time (which they refunded me after I emailed customer support). I've been using Amazon Prime, First Class postage or Express Super Saver and the service is near perfect.

Amazon Marketplace is fantastic too and, while they have little control over Marketplace delivery, I often find it a great way to bag a bargain at a price cheaper than Amazon offer, especially in the case of printed books.

Will continue to use them for the foreseeable future, 5* from me.


Avoid Like The Plague. So Bad It's Laughable

Having gone through the checkout process for a game I purchased, I was told I needed to verify my order with a pin. This pin was sent to me after i gave them my mobile number, where I received an automated call from them with my pin included. Having typed the pin into the submission box and confirmed it, I checked my emails only to find an Incident Notice:

"Thanks for your recent order on GameFly! We are hoping to speak with you directly to verify this purchase." This verification process is the one I had just completed. Thus I am yet to receive my product key.

Of course, having purchased from the domain and not the .com one (being based in the United Kingdom) I am "also welcome to call us directly" at their lovely US number to sort the issue out, which will no doubt cost me an arm and a leg!

I have emailed them twice and have been met with no response. There is also no way for me to cancel my order, so I'm left chasing them for answers. Unfortunately, I purchased through them because they offered 20% off, therefore making the game cheaper than the next best alternative. However, I have used this alternative website many times and had no such problems.

My opinion: Buy with Gamefly and you're more likely to be able to raise carrier pigeons before you hear back from them. Avoid them like the plague.

EDIT: Two days later, I happened to stumble across another website which had a link to Gamefly live chat. Oddly enough, there isn't even a link to this on the Gamefly website. Anyway, I went through the link and was connected to a member of customer support who sorted my issue out straight away. With some regret I'm adding another * for this.

However, terrible overall experience for a 1st time buyer. Not even a link to the live chat assistance on their own website. Laughable

CEWE Photoworld

Mangled Memories

I took receipt of my photobook today, and the first thing I noticed after unpackaging it was how blurred the front cover was, despite the picture being above the required dimensions as specified by the desktop photobook software. With this being the case, I carefully looked at each picture to see if Freddy Kreuger had butchered any other of my photos.

Unfortunately, there are AT LEAST 15 other photos in the book which have been absolutely ruined, because of what I believe to be "noise". However, I've opened these pictures up from their original files, and zoomed in to a greater magnification than anything in the photobook and there is ABSOLUTELY NO DISTORTION.

Photoworld customer services are currently closed but I intend to take this up with them under their "100% satisfaction guarantee" as advertised on their website. Unfortunately, I'm hugely disappointed having spent the best part of a whole week going through over 1000 photos to select the best for the book.

This experience is totally unacceptable. The image quality guidelines on Cewe's own website defines the smiley face system the software uses. Green is marked as "Excellent. The image resolution is more than adequate and will result in an excellent print quality." Every photo I added to the photobook had a green smile, and having seen the end product, I have been left with an angry red face of my own.

13 February 2014

Reply from CEWE Photoworld

I am very sorry for that you are unhappy with your order. As you have already noticed we do have the 100% guarantee and if you would be kind enough to return the book using the free postage label enclosed on your delivery note we can either issue you a full refund or try and rectify this for you once we have identified what has happened.

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