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The TiVo box is a slow awkward machine that looks and feels like a first attempt at the media market...rather than the next big thing In entertainment .
My broadband dropped out daily, sometimes 3 or 4 times due to a package confliction, according to the repair guy. My speed was half of what I bought due to this confliction and when I called to complain I was left with a don't care attitude.
I waited out the 18month contract and was desperate to get back to sky. So the massively priced packaged box of rubbish is now due for return. Virgin took my money for 18 months on a shoddy piece of equipment, my broadband was awful and now they want me to go out of my way to box and post their stuff back to them. Really??
So now I have a collections agent sending me emails threatening a charge of £250 for equipment virgin themselves quote as £162

I left Virgin active gyms as they charge extortionate amounts of money for crappy equipment and facilities (virgin active Southampton) pretty much the same reason why I left virgin media...I won't touch anything related to these guys now.

Avoid at all costs...the grass really isn't greener on the other side, stick with Sky!!!


What happened

Guys...what happened?
I ordered in good time for next day delivery but received an email by return telling me there was technical problems. I emailed the sales team who confirmed my order would be shipped as normal. I made sure someone would be home for collection. I watched my account and it never made it out of processing. I contacted the department again in the morning only to be told my stuff was damaged BEFORE being collected by DPD and it would now be Monday. I cant have anyone in to collect monday so it will be stuck in the delivery system until it eventually makes it back to the warehouse.
This is the exact same stuff i left my protein for....
and now to add insult to injury...i cant get a refund so i may buy my stuff elsewhere until next week. They failed on their side of the transaction but i can get my money back until next week. Unacceptable! I wont buy from them again.

Physique Management Co Ltd

Excellent customer service

I chose the option to collect items from the warehouse. I was sent an email within 10 minutes letting me know my items were ready for collection. I experienced very friendly staff and was happy with my experience.
Items in stock, good prices..excellent customer service...a pleasure to do business with,


Gone to the dogs

As far as quality, range of supplements and price my protein can't be beaten but they have the worlds worst customer service. They ignore emails and consistently take payments for next day delivery but items can take weeks to arrive. I was a long term customer...in fact since the very early days of my protein but there blatant disregard for their customers has gone too far for me. I will never use them again!!!

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