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No TV..No Customer Service

What a shower this lot have turned into… After a very professional young man in LG branded clothing helped me select an LG TV, then my troubles started as he handed me over to a sales assistant to process the payment and harp on about the extra insurance cover. He told that there is a £10 delivery charge I challenged the charge as above his screen in high visible print was a sign FREE DELIVERY he said that only applies if delivery is more than 10 days my TV would be available next week (I ordered on 4th Jan) so I asked if I could collect in store ? After 5 attempts to process the order for collection WITHOUT A CHARGE the assistant said he would call Sat/Sun to tell me the TV had arrived and I would be able to collect. I had no phone call so I called the customer service number on the Web site, after being transferred to 4 departments and nobody offering any help they finally gave me the store number when I called I was greeted with the TV is not here do you want a refund or wait for the TV to arrive. As I had entered into a sales contract I thought it was obvious I wanted the TV so I had to wait, I was assured someone would call to tell me the TV had arrived. 2 more weeks passed no call so I went to the store to be greeted again with DO YOU WANT A REFUND no just my TV I ordered 3 weeks ago and was told (because he wanted to charge me delivery) it would be available in 7 days, eventually the un customer friendly service looked on the system and said I can’t understand why you have not received it we have stock in Newark, I have messaged them and it will be on our order coming into store Wed/Fri and we will call to let you know to come in and collect. The weekend came and went no call no TV !! so again I had to go into store to try and find out what was going on this was now 5weeks after I was told it would be here in 7days !!, after the initial puzzled look from the SALES PREVENTION TEAM (rebrand of customer service) he said we have them in Newark I can’t understand why they are not adding to our delivery I did explain being in Newark is not really any good to me why don’t you ring them to see what the issue is, he said he had no number for them so the only option is internal mail of course I told him you have tried that and it doesn’t work !!So he said he would re-order through the delivery service and made a big deal that he would not charge delivery. Should I charge curry’s interest for my money they have had for 6 weeks plus my traveling and time expenses due to no communication from this so called Customer Service dept without me chasing them.. What Curry’s need to realise is the customer actually pays the salaries and generates the cash to run the business. You may be the biggest with all the bankruptcies and acquisitions but you are a long way from being the best, I suggest you look at your processes and staff training this is not an isolated problem you seem to have and if you advertise free delivery I suggest you actually offer it. I have spent £3000 pounds over the last year with you and to get treated like this in my opinion is dreadful customer service and in cases you seem to be downright deceitful.

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