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Shocking, Useless and a JOKE

What is it with delivery companies like DPD and customer service - ah yes ..they don't give a hoot about people they deliver to! Great business model. So on the 24th December I was told by my friend in Australia that something would be delivered to my place. OK nothing arrived and I had a call from her to ask if it had arrived. She then contacted the company who had sent the package who told her it had been delivered. So then I call the DPD depot in Enfield and find it is over there. Great! It is Xmas eve - the lady who sent it is upset and DPD won;t deliver it to me that eveing - so I have to do a 1 hour (16 mile) round trip to Enfield to pick it up.....get late for Xmas eve dinner at my parents - thanks DPD. Xmas comes and goes.....and then it is new years ever and I get a delivery note from DPD in my letter box saying they tried to deliver something and guess was dated 24th December. So i sent a message to DPD cusomer services who promises to investigate ----and am told ' I imagine it must seem that we have been dishonest with you about your delivery'. So then on February 17th I write a note back to DPD - then on the 18th someone from Customer Services team rings me- lots of apologies but has no idea about what to do or say....just witters on saying ' we tried to deliver it - you could have got it redelivered' - yeah like some time in the next 2 weeks!!!!! As I try to explain the circumstances again and again the caller just says the same thing. Don't use this company to deliver any goods. Don't use a company that uses DPD to deliver. Better to use a carrier pigeon than these bunch of Cowboys.

18 February 2014

Reply from DPD UK

Sorry to hear this, Martin. We certainly don't want you to hold a negative view of us. If you still need assistance, please visit the Make It Right section of our website and you'll receive a response from a Customer Service Advisor within 90 minutes:

Let me know how you get on.


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