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Avoid, Avoid, Avoid!!!!

EE are an absolute joke and have absolutely no idea what customer service is. My mum bought a Samsung S4 which failed after just 6 weeks - their in store advisor told her to take it to a local dealer up the road and point blank refused to help - her contract (which is expensive as it is) is with EE not the local shop up the road!!

After my intervention and a 3 week wait they finally got it back in store today. I went to pick it up this afternoon to find the shop closed 10 minutes before the advertised closing time - and the managers reasoning (when he finally came out) - "we are short staffed so have to close early to make sure we get away on time" - have you ever heard anything like it!!

And the EE management just simply do not want to know - I have raised complaints about the service with their complaints team and even written to the Head of Customer Service and CEO - I have not had any response what so ever.

My advice - avoid EE at all costs!!

Interlink Express

Absolutely Awful!!

I ordered some corporate t-shirts from a company in Blackburn who used Interlink Express as their delivery agent. The goods never arrived and a month later Interlink Express are still unable to locate the lost package.

I had been promised a delivery date, it was even confirmed by a text message - the goods didn't arrive. I waited a further day - the goods still didn't arrive. I logged on to their website and was still able to arrange a new delivery date, which I did and which again was confirmed - still nothing arrived and I was not contacted by Interlink to explain why.

There was no way of contacting Interlink other than by a generic contact form on their website - it took them 5 days to respond.

It got worse, and in fact the worst part of the whole experience was trying to raised a complaint with Interlink. As I was not the 'customer' they won't deal with any complaint directly from me.

If you define 'customer' as the person or organisation who pays the invoice they are correct, however if you define 'customer' as the person who pays for the service (through the suppliers delivery charges) and who is inconvenienced by their incompetence then they are very wrong.

I even escalated my complaint to their CEO [name] ([external reference]) - his inital response was positive and he forwarded my issue to the executive help desk. They investigated, confirmed the parcel was lost and that - in their opinion at least - was the end of that.

The company are awful and do not care of the inconvenience they cause when the get it wrong.

I for one will no longer accept any deliveries from Geo Post UK companies - this is predominantly Interlink Express and DPD. I also advise any suppliers of this fact before placing my order - if Interlink or DPD are their only delivery option the order is cancelled.

Whilst it may be slightly inconvenient to me there is always someone else out there who will supply same goods via a different courier. I've cancelled 3 orders in the past week, explaining to the supplier each time why.

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04 October 2013

Reply from Interlink Express

Hi Nick,

I'm sorry to hear about the issues you have encountered, and for any inconvenience caused. Please be assured that I have made our Escalations team aware of this and they will be in touch shortly with a view to resolving this matter for you.

Kind regards,



Products as described, service fast and friendly.

I've ordered 2 dewalt sds drills from FFX in the past couple of month's - after the first was stolen last week.

Both times the goods have been exactly as described.

First time the order arrived within 24 hours, second time was a bit slower - 48 hours - but I guess that was due to the time I ordered.

I ordered the 2nd drill from here due the good first experience, however I did find product between £10 & £20 cheaper on several sites second time round.

Overall great products, good customer service and quick delivery - just keep an eye on the best prices available.



I have used Goodprints a number of times over the past few years - the latest being this years Christmas cards.

The website is easy to use and I am able to upload logos etc without any issues. If I do get stuck the customer service team are friendly, helpful and efficient.

And the products themselves are always great quality - something I am proud to hand to my customers.

I have no hesitation in recommending Goodprints and definately intend to continue using them myself.


Absolute Chaos!

What an awful experience! Had an early morning flight on Ryan Air (say no more!). Queued for an hour at the desk shown on the board only to be told that it was the wrong line (they had changed it on the board).

Eventually checked in then tried to get through security. The officious little people 'managing' the queues were sending you from one end of the building to the other, only for the person at the other end to send you back. This was all being controlled by the duty manager who was standing middle.

Absolute chaos which nearly meant we missed the flight. Back to Luton next time!!


Awful customer service - wouldn't go back!

Was a talk talk customer for years - it's fine until something goes wrong then its hell!

They never honoured their free broadband offer
despite years of promises.

Steer clear!

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Great price, good delivery times, products as ordered.

Had a good experience - I was after a specific product so my search was limited but the website was easy to use, the prices were excellent and the ordering process simple. The goods arrived quickly and were exactly as ordered.

No problems so can't comment on customer service but I had no reason to question it.

Would definately use again and recommend.

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