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I cannot believe I fell for this rip-off - and got nothing for my money

In the mad rush for the right Christmas Present I bought a game for my daughter, displayed in a DVD box at £29.99. I went to pay and was told that they didn't have any discs and I was buying a download activation code. So I accepted that, after seeing the slip of paper they sold me, with the download activation code on it, and a notification saying: 'GAME will refund or exchange all Christmas Purchases returned before 12th Jan 13'. So I thought 'what the heck - if it doesn't work I will just return it. And guess what. It didn't work - on the Origin website to download the game from, not only did I find out that the true price for the game to download was £9.99 - not £29.99, but the code that I had bought was not recognised. So I had not got anything for my £29.99.
Not a problem, I thought. Game is a High Street Chain - they will of course refund or Exchange this - it says so on my receipt.
Not!!! A really arrogant Deputy store manager, Steve Jones in the Hereford Branch told me that NOTHING can be done. If it doesn't work, I will have to take it up with www.origin.com - which is an american web site/company for downloading stuff. If a code doesn't work, you can always call them in the US. GAME can do nothing about it - regardless of what is printed on all their receipts!
So, I have paid £29.99 into the pockets of the directors of this company - and I don't have a leg to stand on. This is not only illegal - it's also really sad that such a low life, disrespectful and thieving culture/mentality and philosophy can exist in a big company. What I don't understand is how staff want to work for a company blatantly breaking the law, and defrauding customers. Very Sad...


Great Furniture, Great Service

Will definitely come back for more and recommend to friends and family

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