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PC Specialist Ltd

Very good quality laptop

I've been saving for this laptop for a while and while I was doing that I checked loads of websites and shops and pc specialist offered the best mix of quality, reliability,power and price.
I fully customized the laptop and I got exactly what I wanted and they let you choose if you want an os pre installed or not which is great for linux users.
Even though I think my machine is beautiful it is not fancy looking: no flashy led or big brand logos, but to be honest I prefer it this way because I wanted to pay for raw power not style.
The customer service is good and they reply fairly quickly to any question.
The only problem I'm experiencing now is some echo in video chats (skype,hangouts) and I have to figure out if it is the quality or position of the microphone or a software problem.
The other downside is that it took almost a month to get my laptop and I know it has to be built and everything, but 4 weeks is a bit of a long time to wait... I guess I was unlucky and they were very busy.
The last complaint that comes to mind is with the delivery (that you pay for) meaning that they say they can come and deliver your parcel between 7 am and 8 pm which is ridiculous: do they really expect to stay home a whole day to wait for a parcel? ever herd of people who work or study? I know it sounds a bit clinical, but I was lucky my flatmate was sick and so he stayed home.
Overall very happy though

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