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Very unprofessional

I purchased a mobile from Froomoo. It was not a pleasant experience. They took the money quickly enough but after a week I had recieved no confirmation e-mail. I e-mailed them and asked for an update and I too got the "we have been very busy and are experiencing problems" reply. After 3 weeks I phoned them and was initially told that my item had been "lost" and I would get a refund and then that "they had made a mistake and I would get the item within a week. I have to say, I did ge the item a week later, but I suspect that is because it was purchased through the company and not as an individual. I am still not convinced that his company has not got some sort of scam going, but I cannot pove it, so it is just a gut feeling. For the saving involved, with hindsight I would have gone with another company.

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