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Its a trap!

Redsave appear to employ subtle techniques to get a way-overpriced subscription out of their visitors, quite legally too. (Although if you google redsave.com you'll see they've had trouble in the past particularly regarding their techniques).

Firstly, the concept is that you pay a subscription and get discounted products. Nobody would really pay nearly £20 / month to constantly buy the things they are selling (I wouldn't for any website, even ones I used a lot like eBay and Tesco). That concept wouldn't work. How it's working for them is people not realising they have to actually opt out or get AUTOMATICALLY billed each month, and neglecting to pick this up on credit card statements. And it's actually working quite well for them (again check Google). I don't usually fall for these things and I missed it completely (costly me around £45 for a £4.97 item).

Secondly, cheap items... really? I've been on their site and can normally find the items cheaper elsewhere. Some sections, like the Monitors section has completely outdated products. A 19 inch monitor for over £200 in 2011? 24 inch monitors are less now! The item I bought was a giant cup-cake mould. £4.97 on RedSave, found nearly 2 pages of cheaper ones on Google Shopping.

I think you're generally safer avoiding this bunch. Just do some research, some googling. It's surprising how many people miss the fact they've got to cancel that free trial, should make you think.......

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