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Terrible waste of space. The furniture was delayed by 3 weeks. It arrived and I was especially excited as I'd been waiting such a long time for it. The couriers were very helpful, they unpacked the items in the communal hallway, and I sat back in my lounge, they were rather a long time, so I shouted is everything ok - no they replied on of your bedside cabinet has a faulty foot. They brought it all in and said L/A would contact me asap. To cut a long story short L/A were very sparse at returning calls I asked for a new bun foot to be sent to me, but they couldn't they said it would have to be a complete cabinet made from scratch. I had paid £1575 for these items. They told me I would have a further 7-10 week wait and then they couldn't guarantee the patina would be the same. On close inspection the marks scratches and cover ups on the furniture made me decide to send it all back to be honest it was not worth such a lot of money, stack em high from Asia is not the answer. On collection they didn't arrive between the hours booked and the refund wasn't done until I phoned up to complain and that will taken another 7/10days to be refunded to my credit card which by the way I have paid so it means another transaction to finally get my money back - what a waste of time and energy.
PLEASE DON'T USE THEM, I shopped at Next and was completely satisfied with them. LAURA ASHLEY is at the bottom of my list from now on, just wish their customer services were better unfortunately they were below standard, STEER WELL CLEAR.



My dealings with this company beggar belief. I ordered and spent well over £1,000 with them. I received 2 bedside cabinets, 1 stool and 1 tallboy from the rococo range, the dressing table was on back order. I needed these items and spent lots of time to customers services to help and they eventually told me the dressing table could not be delivered till January, I said then if that's the case, you can pick all the items up! Suddenly they found me one and arranged delivery about a week later. Then the problems began, the driver broke the dressing table and when I got a neighbour to help me re-position it after they left, well yes you're right the legs fell off, I had stressed to the driver 'are you not going to screw those legs in? are you not going to use wood glue? he replied no to both. I rang the office to tell them of my dismay and was assured that they would send a proffessional furniture person to fix it the very next week ah! you think that is the end of the story well you are wrong! the proffessional furniture person was no other than the driver who broke it, I refused to let him in and his buddy delivery man came in to see if he could repair it, but alas they had no screws with them! I asked for a refund and constantly phoned them to arrange a pick up day, they came up with the end of Oct I wasn't happy because I needed a refund to buy something else and they made efforts to pick it up today 10/10/2010, I was assured by all the staff that this particular driver who had damaged the dressing table and turned up to fix it that he wouldn't be calling. At around 16.27pm I had the phone call to say 'I will be there in 1/2 hour or so' he said his name was Barry and I said I will see you soon, and yes guess who turned up!!!!!! it beggards belief that they could send the same driver/delivery man again!!!! THEY ALL LIED TO ME, do not trust this company, they don't know what they are doing...I have just sent another complaint into sales, do they care, no they don't ! here is it copied and pasted
Further to my conversations with Lorraine (as Michael was off this particular day) with regard to picking up the
damaged furniture, she assured me that Shaun/Sean would not pick it up today,
as on the mobile 1/2 an hour ago, he said his name was Barry which I typed on a letter for his
signature! which he denied when he knocked at the door to say I was shocked was an understatement. If I'd have
known it was him turning up do you think I would have allowed him in? I asked if he had another driver/helper with him
and he replied no,
He wasn't very happy and neither was I, I feel totally let down by your
company all the way along, even after he damaged the furniture, you had promised
on 3 occasions he would not call again, you all lied to me, if I'd have know it was
him I would have had somebody with me for support, this made me feel so uncomfortable,
how insensitive of your departments to authorise this and allow this to happen when I categorically
asked for someone else, if no-one else was not available today the least you could have done was have
the curtsey to let me know beforehand, you have totally disrespected me in this matter.
I would never recommend this company to anyone, they have totally disregarded and disrespected me as a customer. My flabber is gasted - Amelya Glynn Manchester


Good items and customer services

Dear Oakland Furniture. I had my delivery earlier this morning, I just wanted to say 'thank you' so much to the couriers who telephoned me first thing and kept me updated when they would arrive. They were so helpful unpacking the items for me, they checked them thoroughly to make sure I was happy and to say I was thrilled with my lamp tables, dining table and tv cabinet is an understatement, I was absolutely over the moon with them all. Such high quality and finish they all compliment my room perfectly, I know there is nothing like seeing them in real life but the pictures and photo's and descriptions are spot on. We are so quick to complain when things go wrong, but this shopping experience with Oakland furniture has given me the confidence to shop for the next room I plan to make-over. Many thanks to all, I did have to wait a few extra weeks for delivery but it was well worth it in the end. Yours truly, A Glynn- Manchester.

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