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Excellent service. 5 stars across the board

Fast Check-in, comfort, flight attendants, food and entertainment 5 stars across the board. Definitely the best airline that I have flown on.


The most ATROCIOUS and UNACCEPTABLE service!!!

My fiance and I flew British Airways from Sofia Bulgaria to Heathrow airport, London where we were connecting to another flight to fly back home.

First of all the amount of time it took and the manner in which the desks were being open for check in was outrageous. They were being open less than 2 hours before departure and clients were all lined up in a huge line waiting for check in while every one of the staff including management were outside smoking and chatting on mobile phones for over 30 minutes. Same time and even later flights on Austrian and Lufthansa airlines were all checked in and done at least 30 min before British Airlines desks even opened.

My fiance and I were already checked in online and had our seats. We just needed to check in my bag and get boarding passes because we were not able to print them in our hotel. We had endured the most disrespectful and outrageous service I have ever received on any airline or airport.

We were told that since our flight was running late by FIFTEEN minutes they could not let my fiance fly since he would not catch his connecting flight in London. He was told that he requires a visa in order to CONNECT in London airport and also needs to purchase ANOTHER later ticket to fly out from London. Long story short they let us fly but only after a back and forth arguing with staff and 2 supervisors for OVER HOUR AND A HALF, calls to immigration, and after making us purchase another later ticket to fly out of London. The ticket went to waste because even though our flight was delayed by 45 min we still had enough time to transfer to our originally purchased connecting flight in London (which the BA supervisor in Sofia was claiming would be impossible).

I filed a formal complaint with BA over a week ago, but as of yet have not received ANY response from them.

Having flown many different airlines this is by far the most unacceptable service I have ever received.

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