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InsureandGo UK

Easy to Buy, but will it be enough when things go wrong?

The trouble with all travel insurance is that the devil is in the details buried in the small print on page 357! Who ever reads it all, and even if you've read it all do you really understand what it means? The only way you ever really know that you have the right product is when it's way too late and you've had an accident, heart attack, stroke or whatever. Can I recommend this product? from the point of view of the information provided, the choices offered, the cost, yes definitely, will it do the job when it's all gone wrong and I'm stranded in Europe? Who Knows? I'm fortunate in having a credit card with a large and unused credit limit on it so if push comes to shove I can get back to the UK without having to rely on this or any other insurance, one of my best friends died in the Canaries after having a heart attack, he died whilst the insurance company argued the toss about wether he was covered or not. Nothing to do with this product, but for me a salutary warning about travel insurance.


Great prices but chaotic delivery

I swapped to Plumbnation after a series of problems with another online plumbing supplier.

The prices are very competitive and the online ordering process relatively easy.

I placed my order online and received an email acknowledgement with a provisional delivery date. The email said that you could change the date either by phoning or emailing. I first tried phoning, interesting how sales lines are always answered promptly whereas all others you wait for ages, The online message said that they would answer an email within one working day, so having waited some 15 minutes I sent an email, no reply at all. I rang again and finally spoke to someone. They promised to sort it out and ring me back, they didn't, I rang again some 2 days later and was again told it would be sorted out. I gave three days where there would be someone in to accept delivery and these dates were nearly two weeks away, again I was promised a return call, but none was forthcoming, I then found that they had emailed me a confirmation for one of the dates.

I was then working abroad and was very surprised to get a phone call from a delivery driver saying he could not find the address and anyway it was not the agreed day so there was no one there to receive the delivery, the delivery driver was very apologetic and said he would sort it out for me, which he did and the order finally showed up on the agreed date.

I had an item to return which was not what I expected, but to be frank, the whole process was just too involved, bearing in mind my delivery experiences, so I have kept the item and just ordered another one elsewhere.

Moral of this story, my local plumber's merchant actually fulfilled this order and for the price difference I would have been better off going to them direct, when the time spent waiting on the phone, emailing and generally trying to sort this out is taken into account, it has actually cost me money, a pity because it all started so well .......

Age Partnership

Proof that shopping around for a pension works!

I came to Age Partnership through the Diabetes UK site. I have not been disappointed, despite working away from home the team always contacted me at times I had requested.

They also explained a lot of the technical jargon in the pension annuities field in plain English in order that I could make informed choices as to what to do with my pension pot when it matured.

They do not offer specific advice and at all times they made it clear that if you were unsure that you should consult an Independent Financial Adviser. My pension was not very large and I felt that the cost did not justify taking that route.

Age Partnership supplied me with enough information for me to make a choice, and having compared the returns that they found me with other companies online, I came to the conclusion that their search of the market was more thorough than other online sites I tried.

They also managed to negotiate an enhanced pension as a result of my medical condition (Diabetes), this again proved to be a bit better than other companies I tried.

Age Partnership has gone some way to restoring my faith in the pensions industry, no mean feat given the hugely exaggerated claims that have been made by the industry over the years and the ensuing disappointment with the very poor returns, in my case producing less than one third of the pension I was "promised" all those years ago despite the pot being 50% larger than that prediction was based on.

So well done A-P I would recommend you to anyone who is trying to get the best out of their pension pot, I would also say that they expressed a genuine interest in me, despite my fund being relatively small, refreshing as various local IFAs I tried lost all interest once they found that I did not have large six figure sums to find a home for.

They will certainly be my first port of call when my main pension matures in 5 years time.

Customer Reference Number 890977

The Shower Doctor Ltd

Fast service & great stock

I was looking for Mira shower spares and found this company, who have better parts availability than Mira themselves. Parts were easy to find, reasonably priced and despatched quickly

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