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Does the job, but more expensive than you think

i recently had a an eBay moment and sold heaps of stuff on line (saved doing a car boot!). I thought I had done well, I paid the
listing fees, then the listing fees, then the 10% commission hits you.

Erything put together makes it really expensive.

Yale door

Fantastic kerb appeal

I bought a Yale Door because I wanted to know when I closed it at night that that was it, shut, locked, safe.

I got that.

But what I got so much more of was a really fantastic looking door, it has actually changed the appearance of my house. If I was selling my house I really think that something as simple as this new door will increase the value of my house!


OSX Lion

Wow. These guys have really got it happening. They introduce a new operating system, that is lint years ahead of anything they have done before, which is light years ahead of anything anyone else ever did, then they say you can download it, as many times as you like, for £20.99!

John Lewis

Very dependable service

I just ordered a bracket for a speaker that I couldn't find anywhere else or even on eBay.

They had one on line, the website was really easy to use, it arrived two days later.

They are as reliable as daybreak!

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What a waste of time

I waited for an hour and a half on their website queueing to buy some tickets. Only to find out that there was only 1 left.

How many others were sat waiting in the queue only to find out that there is no availability. i assume that the facility didnt shut down because there was still A ticket left.

Slight IT issues I think


I cant see a problem!

I buy quite a few bits from Amazon, and they have recently been sending the stuff with DPD.

I now get a text first thing int he morning telling me what time the delivery is going to be with me, and it is really really useful. Unlike other couriers where you sit in all day not being prepared to got the shop for a paper and sit at home clicking refresh on the tracking website, this service has made buying on the web a completely better experience for me.

Could not be happier


They cant serve me, but want paying for me to leave!

I used to get great signal at home, but for no reason at all it seems to have disappeared. This I am told is because they have recently changed one of their masts/aerials - is this my fault - no. Can they give me a time that it will be sorted for - no. Therefore I want to go to Vodafone, who will sell me a dongle to put into the back of the broadband router to make sure that i get service at home. But O2 want me to pay them for leaving even though they cant serve me.

This cannot be right!!!

Bowers Wilkins

Astonishing sound - hard work to set up

I bought the Zeppelin Air for it linking straight in to to my itunes system and control from iphone. The sound it produces is quite simply astonishing. i had been used to 'whole' sound with previous Bose systems and docks, but this is almost unbelievable.

Setting it up on the wireless network is not as simple as it could have been, especially when I then changed my router and had to go through the whole sorry process again. Tip - when its set up sit back and enjoy it, dont change your router!!

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