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UPDATE: 15/11/2012 - Followup to my post below

P2G Number: P2G-10339068

I truly wonder if the Parcel2Go service can get any worst.. I paid them to deliver my laptop and it was subsequently lost, found and then returned to the me smashed, four weeks after sending it and despite filing claims and numerous emails today they sent me this:

'Please accept my apologies for the damages caused to your goods and any inconvenience this matter may have caused you thus far.
My apologies again Mr ******, I have credited you pre-pay account with £20.00 should you ever wish to allow us to restore faith'

So having returned a smashed laptop (worth £120.00) they credited my account with £20.00; notwithstanding the fact that I have already paid them £7.00 for a failed delivery, so they actually credited me £13.00 to spend with them.

The policy of ParceltoGo appears to treat the customer with utter contempt and an attitude that it’s not our fault so we couldn't care less. I have been insulted at every stage by Parcel2Go and frankly the latest one of adding £20.00 to a pre-pay account is the final straw, for the sake of good manners I won’t put into words what they can do with it!

Original post 14/11/2012

Almost four weeks ago I used Parcel2Go to send a laptop that didn't arrive. I was told by there staff to put in a claim after being told it was smashed in the warehouse and then being told it was lost.

So I filed a claim and after several weeks of going through a very difficult claims process it was finally accepted and I was offered a rather insulting £20.00 despite proving the laptop was worth £120.00.

I wrote to Parcel2Go to say I was not happy with there £20.00 offer which they ignored and then to my surprise the laptop was suddenly returned to me, smashed. The box looked like it had been ran over and then someone wrapped lots of brown tape around it.

I contacted Parcel2Go and was told to write to them and attach photos of the cardboard box and packaging along with photos of my smashed laptop. The laptop had been well wrapped up in bubble wrap and the cardboard box was also well packed with more bubble wrap.

A week on and Parcel2Go have chosen to ignore my letter and emails, clearly in the hope I will just go away..

So in short I used there service to send my laptop and four weeks later its returned to me smashed. This was not what I paid them for and I feel very let down and will never use there service again, a very unhappy customer.


Friendly service and very good value :)

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