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Crocus.co.uk Ltd

Great, inspiring website, large plants but a little weak on service

Love to browse this website; inspiring and informative. Very, very easy to start wanting things here. Plants are more expensive here than anywhere else, but more than once have I been positively surprised about the size (bigger than expected) and quality of the plants delivered (as supposed to several of the cheaper mass plant suppliers). Info on plant doesn't always correspond with actual plant delivered though (!) which is confusing and rather weird given the otherwise very professional impression. Once when pointing this out I got a reply suggesting this was down to somebody else making their labels and implying it wasn't a big deal (well it is, if the plant is half the size to what is stated or another variety...)


Good, personal advise and fast delivery

You can call these guys and ask odd questions and they give good advice about what you need. Fast delivery as I remeber too.

Virgin Atlantic

Truly annoying marketing

Was chased by Virgin's cold callers for abut a year, despite repeated pleads to be left alone (including trying to email people higher up the food chain, to no avail). Left a total sour taste for this company.


Good for staple groceries, but no wows

Good for staple groceries like salt, flour, etc. But apart from having loads of "deals" on products of which most you don't want anyway, they are really not that much cheaper as the persisting myth says (or is it down to smart marketig?) - certainly not if quality and taste is weighed in as well. Delivery staff could be nicer, they really just seem to be rather bored with the job (except an older guy who doesn't seem to be working in my area any longer, who was warmth impersonated).


Really good food delivered by really friendly staff

Shop regularily online and am inpressed by stock and quality of goods (not the least Waitrose own brand). If they're out of something you've ordered they tend to compensate by giving you soemthin else (you've ordered) for free - rreally nice gesture. Delivered by very friendly staff. The new website had loads of annoying issues initially, but these were fixed within a few weeks time. All in all, an excellent service.

Vanilla Mart

Fast, reliable service

Would I be reviewing service alone, I'd give a five star - incredibly fast (often the next day dispatch or max 2-3 days delivery after order). Quality varies a little we feel, "premium" isn't always premium, and sometimes the pods are very thin. Then again, another time you can receive thick, moist pods with lovely flavour at unbeatable prices. I should also add, that the one time we felt quality had dropped too much, we got an insant replacement without hassle. We use this supplier regularily, and we are a restaurant.

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