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Best 3G coverage

I have an O2 mobile phone but a 3 mobile broadband MiFi device and 3's 3G speeds are usually higher and the 3G coverage is particularly better even when I'm out in 'the sticks'. I can confirm that the MiFi's 3G coverage and speed is also better for me than the Orange and Vodafone networks because of the company I keep.


Imdb are always there for my movie questions.

If I want to know where I've seen an actor/actress before, what other films/TV people have been it, what films were done by the same director and even movie scores. I use the web site often as well as their iPhone/iPad apps and imdb rock.
Four stars though instead of five because I sometimes feel that finding the information I'm after could be made easier or the website maybe could do with a less messy (maybe not quite the right word) look...


At the top of their game right now

I've made a few orders with recently and they have all been delivered using the cheapest option but have turned up not long after being ordered. Also, I tend to shop around for the best prices and has been the cheapest or thereabouts and they have good card purchasing options - their own credit card and they accept amex :)
They haven't let me down yet and I have used them a lot over the last few years.


The price is never the price

Always adding extra costs to the price initially shown - very misleading and totally unnecessary!


Site could do with a do-over

With the money and the business they're in you would expect a site that's much easier to navigate and find what you're looking for.
Also, their offers are always so misleading: it's not £xx a month if you have to rent a phone line at £yy a month! And what's the point in having a few months free or discounted when you'll be paying a higher price than competitors after the offer period has finished!



Always informative, accurate stories with no typos and errors that I've noticed - just what you expect from the BBC.
(Please keep broadcasting F1)

Cheap Supplements

Very pleased

Found something here cheaper than anywhere else but initially I had to pay for delivery which meant it was actually cheaper at another site but, I thought what if I buy more of it and to my delight delivery became free.

Places like and get you used to not paying for delivery but I think with if your order is more than say £50 then delivery is free. The deliveries which are less than £50 you end up paying for but I suppose this means they can keep their product prices down.

Anyway, their business strategy has worked out well for me! :)

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