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Everything you need to know

Everything you need to know about films, actors, directors. Great reference site.


Cool website

A hub of media pulled from other websites discussing or posting in various visual mediums about art, business, science, food, opinion, sport and music. Great collection of interesting stuff.


Not wearable

I've already reviewed this company but they had my review removed.
My order (nº 152692011) shipped really promptly and I was super excited to receive it. When I took it out of the box I could see immediately that it was about 3 sizes too big and when I put it on it looked like a clown suit with massive hips on the jacket that floated out to halfway down my thigh. Not the best finish either even if they had managed to get the size right.

These items are beyond alteration but trying to get any resolution on the failed product was just too time consuming and convoluted. I've basically flushed nearly $300 down the toilet, next time I'll just pay a little more and buy from a store so I know I'm not going to look like a clown and be wasting my time and money.

I don't believe my name, which is Sara, adds anything to the review. You have my order number. Just sounds like more excuses to cover a poor product. When that is the case your customer is not to blame.

You are really just making yourselves look silly. As above-mentioned and on email order documentation, 'My order (nº 152692011)'.

13 September 2011

Reply from Tailor4Less

Dear Hardyakka,

We reported your previous comment as it went against the policy of Trustpilot (that you can find on their website). If Trustpilot decided that you are right, they will display your comment again.

Once again we could not find any inquiry under the name Hardyakka. We are willing to find a solution but need your help and name to do so.

San Francisco Tailor is not our company but a bad copy of ours.

Our Customer Service is still at your disposal to find a solution to the problems you faced.


Customer Service - Tailor4Less


Dear Sara,

We have no order number from you, no Sara Hardyakka registered and too many Saras to find you.


Customer Service - Tailor4Less


Dear Sara,

We sent you an email on the 24.08 and are still waiting for your answer.

Please get back to us as soon as possible in order to find a solution to the problem you are facing.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

Customer Service - Tailor4Less


Order took so long I thought it wasn't coming.

Was really hoping they'd be a good company to deal with as they appear to have a great range. Ordered a $700+ mobile phone which was estimated to take 5-9 days to arrive international shipping but it's now over a month. Customer service make excuses and never give any firm dates for when I might receive and change the subject when asked for a refund. I have had to launch a dispute with Paypal to try and get some action thus far Gimmedigi have responded with no firm answers still. Will update if anything changes but I wouldn't risk giving them your money.
After communicating through Paypal disputes & contacting a Hong Kong consumer group I finally received the goods that had been paid for so many weeks before. A great relief but I don't think I'd buy anything with them again.

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Great collection & value

I love this site & the fantastic level of customer service.
Well done at being the best there is!


Great variety

Sales are the best.
Asos brand quality can be a bit varied, but if purchased for a good price is still worthwhile.
I'm extra tall so it would be great if there were a few more mid length dresses, etc but I can always manage to find something to fall In love with.
A business line of clothing would be fab too, suits etc.

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