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Not bad for what you get, but they will sniff all your data!

Its free, not bad really. But as they sniff all your data it is a little concerning, use it wisely.
Data is slow, but again its free.

Inclusive data and minutes to mobiles and landlines is very generous.

For a £20 SIM you get a lot.


Great and easy fast service, WHY pay the bank more to move YOUR money?

These really do provide a good service and with low rates to transfer and good exchange rates, higher than the banks, you save a lot of money.

Use the link below as you can get a FREE TRANSFER by using my referral link here:
But you know once you use it, you will use it again and again...

Tree Surgeon

Excellent service - and cleaned up after too ;-)

We had two largish conifers cut down today by Dan - the quote was good and job good too. Very pleasant chap to deal with, will definitely use again.



Great service

I am sure those that have provided poor reviews here are the numpties which should really be using BT! With BT they would pay 2 or even 3 times the price (BT charge far higher prices which allows them time to deal with the numpties).

Great service for those that know what they are doing (you dont need a vast amount of know-how, but the numpties may struggle as the other reviews show).

Good value at a low price - you can not expect them to pamper to your every wim for the small amount you pay. If you do then WAKE UP.

Moving house - no charge. Great. Thanks Plusnet.

Carpet Underlay Shop

Good responsive company - will deal with again

great and fast service - good value for money.

We had an issue with a roll of underlay which they helpfully looked into.


Good wifi provider

used these whilst in Benalmadena on holiday. My use was just for one week, and it was out of season, so used in season expect it could be slow at times. It was a little slow a peak times anyhow, but quit usable and for the cost is quite reasonable so gets 4 out of 5 stars.


Good place to put some nest eggs in a separate basket from standard investments!

Used them since October 2010, very good and secure. You will find the whingers moaning about how difficult it is to setup the initial account but follow the details and you should be fine; bulliionvault procedures are there to maintain security for your investment.

Something they should improve is the default currency when logged in - it defaults to US DOLLARS (WHY it does not default to the currency of the linked bank account I fail to see!). This is a major issue as when you come to sell it will sell in Dollars and so leaving your bullionvault account with Dollars. NOT WHAT YOU WANT when your UK bank account is in UK Pounds. Yes you can change it to Pounds when selling but if you miss it then you are left with Dollars and the bank charges to transfer. So they lose a point here.

Consider when/if you change the bank account linked to the bullionvault account as they will charge you to change it and its a hassle. And they lose a point here too.


Get reviews and be reviewed - works for us

We have found Trustpilot to be good for our clients, both new and existing. New clients can read existing reviews, and old clients can place reviews which helps us improve.

We have not experienced any issues with negative false reviews, all the reviews we have had posted have been real.

So they get top marks from me.

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SSL certificates at budget prices - good value and support

We use them, not had any issues.

SSL prices coupled with good support: probably one of the best sellers around.

Good price, good support, you dont need more for an SSL.


Good for automating SMS messages via scripts

We have used them for many years, very reliable and cost effective.

I would recommend them.


Gr8 3G Internet and mobile phone deal, well done three!

I use three for mobile and 3G connectivity, their "One Plan" is excellent. You can connect upto 5 wifi devices to their mobile phone and browse the Internet - brilliant and very useful.

The inclusive talk time is very good too, thousands of minutes included to any network.

Watch if you are intending to use it to download loads of data (probably >20GB per month) there are reports three will slow your connection. Its been great for us, but then we do not download videos or large amount of data via the mobile.

Good support from day one. Thanks Three!


Business banking - forget it, go elsewhere.

Terrible bank for business banking.

We were with Abbey business banking, they were good and offered free banking for life, now Santander have taken over they have ruined a good bank.

Now Santander inform us they intend to charge for business banking.

We will be moving to another bank.


Support fell off the edge of the cliff when webfusion took over

These were one of the best hosts in the UK - we used them for 10 years, but as soon as webfusion (aka hosteurope) bought them out support nose dived.

We no longer use them (since May 2012) and would not return.

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I have a BSc (Hons) Computer Science, and have been in the computing industry for over 20 years, most of that time I have been involved with the Internet (or Intranets), developing and supporting mostly web based applications and servers.