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Shops can be useful

Plenty of stuff available, but I generally only use the shops when I need something in a hurry. Prices aren't great (even online) and though staff seem knowledgeable (in my experience) they tend to push you towards spending more than you need to.


Possibly useful in an emergency

The shops don't offer much choice and the staff don't usually know much (I generally know more than they do) - perhaps they don't pay enough, or maybe they've found that uninformed customers err on the side of spending more? Online prices not good. Maybe if I had no alternative and needed a mouse in a hurry...


Brilliant alternative to Amazon for books.

Enormous stock, excellent prices and quick delivery from a company with a genuine British presence.

CO Operative

Good principles and the dividend can be worth having.

Using Co-Op electrical and the Co-Op Bank I've made significant savings through the end-of-year dividend. Retail prices are said by some to be on the high side but I don't often use the shops. Tries to be ethical but has a blind spot over Israeli goods, as it did over South African ones in the apartheid days).


Improved as an ISP

Used to be a terrible ISP, but I never got round to switching and there has been a noticeable improvement since around Jan. 2010, particularly in server problems.



If you want the basic facts on a film or TV show, IMDB is quick and easy to use. Sometimes a lack of depth, and some US bias, but still extremely useful.


No advertisers to pander to.

News reporting can never be entirely unbiased, but the BBC is probably less affected by its bias than most other news sources (except on Palestine, where it is fixated on the specious idea that if it gets an equal amount of criticism from both sides it is doing a good job). The non-news content on the site is excellent. In a world where the free market offers an information bubble to suit every prejudice, the BBC stands out.



The goods come quickly

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