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Thank you Game

You make my boyfriend very quiet and happy. And I really like the Star Wars Xbox.. wow!!


Not at all bad for a cheap airline

I fly with Easyjet at least twice a year as a close friend of mine lives in Spain. I have gone to book flights with other airlines but always abort it before payment because they're so dishonest! What's up with Jet2's random fees they slap on at every new page?! You know where you stand with Easyjet.. and I really hate how it's demonised on that Airline program, the majority of passengers are shown kicking up a fuss because their flight left without them because they hadn't checked to see if their passport was actually valid when they thought about going on holiday let alone getting to the check in desk! Or they arrived after the check in was closed.. Seriously Easyjet, pull out of being in that show you deserve a better reputation than that!


I love Amazon!

Not that I'm lazy.. I work stupid days and hours so rarely get chance to catch shops when they're actually open.. so I buy pretty much all my stuff off Amazon. I love One-Click, although it is dangerously quick so be careful! It's also great for MP3s, clothes, gifts, gifts, gifts! I haven't been into a real shop to buy a present for years unless it's a specialist item. It's really good for pretty much anything at all.. being into interiors and interior design I've found it handy for picking up bargains on bed linen and things. Sift through everything when you search something.. you will find real bargains that are despatched quickly. Thankyou Amazon for making my life easier!

Good for the money

I got MP Max Elle 1.8kg and the price was reasonable (£33 or something?) and the delivery was speedy.. and the courier wasn't lazy which is a bonus! I wasn't at home when they came and neither were my next door neighbours.. so for once common sense was used by a courier and my package was left at my neighbour's house across the street.

However, the powder itself is very much a 'you get what you pay for' product in my opinion. It leaves lumps when shaken in a shaker with the gauze/grid in which are horrible to swallow/feel in your mouth.. and for me I felt it leaves a coat in your mouth.. moreso than Sci-MX which I usually use. I also felt hungry quicker than I do when on my usual.. however, it's ok and you can put up with it. It's just not my personal favourite choice of shake.

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